Delicious Ambiguity
“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.”
-Gilda Radner
For reasons truly unknown to me, I have neglected this blog. Yet when I look back on the posts I have curated over the years, I am proud and inspired by the woman who penned these words. I was writing, and have always written, for myself. I write to sort out problems, soothe anxious nerves, or just understand myself better. With summer right around the corner and life starting to slow down to a sweet pace, what better time to start focusing on the blessings we encounter every single day? I also want to share the fascinating stories that I find online. Typically what I do is add these stories to my “Reading List” online but share them with no one. Why not have a platform where I can share these articles and perhaps be a beacon of light for someone searching for hope, positivity, and enthusiasm for life. So stay tuned for some lessons on gratitude, interesting finds online, book talk, interviews with fascinating people, and tips on how to live an inspiring, happy, and fulfilling life. I am going to be learning these life lessons right along with you and sharing what I find. A classroom for a wonderful life!
Reading List:
~12 Little Known Laws of Gratitude.
~8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas.
~The Evasive Work-Life Balance.
~9 Books on Reading & Writing.
~When Life Feels Like a Mess.
~The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself.
~7 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed.
As continue to raise my beautifully spirited 2 year-old son and 4 month old daughter, I will also share some parenting lessons, suggestions, and obstacles that I learn along the way.
I look forward to building this small space into my online home. I am not doing it to build a platform, increase page-views, sell anything or become an online sensation. I just want it to be a place for me to do my favorite things; read, write, learn, and share. Delicious Ambiguity.



I worry that I’m not doing enough.

I have an incredible baby book for Grayson where I have documented so many tiny details of his first year. But I still worry. Did I document enough? Did I take enough pictures? Enough videos? Did I keep enough?

Why is it that we so often feel that we aren’t doing enough?

We aren’t working hard enough. We aren’t successful enough. We aren’t giving our children enough attention. We aren’t giving our partner or spouse enough of ourselves. We aren’t giving enough to our family and friends. We aren’t giving enough to ourselves.

Who decides how much is enough? Why is it that enough seems like an unattainable marker of a successful life? Do you ever hear anyone say, “I give 100% to every area of my life and I am so proud of myself.” No. We never hear that because we don’t think like that. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all stopped beating ourselves up for the areas we feel we are lacking and instead just applauded ourselves for doing our best, for trying our hardest, for giving it our all? Why don’t we flip the script and applaud all of our extraordinary efforts?

No, I will never be as perfect as some of the women I see on Instagram with their perfectly “pinnable” lives. I will never throw a birthday party that could be featured in Martha Stewart LIVING. I will always have mismatched paper cups and plates. There will be clutter in my house no matter how many organizational bins I purchase. My hair will be messy and I will most likely be wearing the same yoga pants I wore yesterday. But I will always know that I have loved with every fiber of my being and I have appreciated every minute of my perfectly messy life. It is filled with moments of beauty and wonder, sadness and fear, hope and happiness. It is chaotic and disorganized and full of mistakes but it is also perfect and magical and inspiring. My life, and everything I do in my life, is enough.

{image via Emily McDowell}

The Fringe Hours


  I have recently been consumed with the idea of time; how little there seems to be to get things done. And what about time for doing things we love? It seems that is the first to go.  I’ve always felt extremely “busy” and constantly pulled in many directions. Elise Cripe recently wrote about our […]

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Nautical Themes


I love all things nautical. I live by the sea and I think it influences my style. I love greys, blues, whites. Neutral colors with many variations. I’m loving these shower curtains from West Elm! How cute are they?! What is it about the sea that is so calming, soothing, and healing? Does everyone feel […]

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Inspiration for Action


 Image via WeHeartIt   I am a blog surfer. One of my favorite things to do in my down time is find a blog, a writer, a voice that speaks to me and scroll through the archives. I have a list of favorites that I check pretty regulary (Hi Elise, Ali, Joanna, Aidan, Lindsay, Jordan!) […]

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PopSugar Must Have Box: February Edition


I am obsessed with my PopSugar subscription! I think these boxes are the best subscription boxes out there. I gave my sister, who is the hardest person to shop for, a subscription for her birthday and she loves it. The best thing about these subscription boxes is the feeling of receiving a surprise gift every […]

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Random Bits


In my goal to continue posting daily, I thought I would share some cute and interesting things I found online today. Cute bag. Habit forming.   Want to read this book! It’s getting some fantastic praise! Currently reading this book and it HOOKED me last night. I couldn’t put it down. Mhairi (pronounced “Var-ee”) McFarlane […]

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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda…


Four days in a row, people! This is HUGE! Today I have some helpful news from a recent study. I was flipping through SELF Magazine and found an article in the Personal Best section. I really find that SELF Magazine provides some of the best life skills and advice for improving your happiness. Sometimes making […]

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The Missing Piece


I’m always looking for the perfect book and it seems to be a lifelong quest. I don’t know what makes the perfect book, perhaps it correlates to specific times in my life, seeing myself in various characters, or just becoming so enamored with a plot that I am utterly consumed. It’s amazing the way books […]

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Begin Where You Are


“We begin right where we are with what we have right in front of us at any given point in time.” – Ali Edwards Sometimes the right words find us at exactly the right time. Today is my first official day doing my “morning pages” (Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way) and following my plan to […]

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Hello February


  I’m so excited about this month. February always feels like the turning of a corner. We are making the slow march towards spring and leaving the frigid temperatures of winter behind us. February is also a time when I start to really look at where I stand in the year. We are already one […]

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December Daily


  This year I will be documenting Grayson’s first Christmas season through a December Daily album created by Ali Edwards. I have just started putting together the foundation pages (in between work, naps, and playtime with my little guy). This year I have less time than ever and yet I have a stronger desire to document […]

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Thanksgiving via Oprah Magazine


A More Festive Feast…This is something I will definitely be incorporating into my Thanksgiving celebration this year. I absolutely love the idea of not only recognizing and acknowledging what you are grateful for but documenting it, as well. Being able to reflect on your gratitude the following year is a charming tradition to bring to […]

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I’m back

I’m hoping to make blogging here a more regular thing…because I honestly have so many thoughts to share and ideas to explore. I am hoping to make it become a habit. A routine. I also want to have a home on the internet for creative exploration. Let’s see how this goes. For now, to have […]

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Day Planners


  Whitney English’s Day Designer, Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner and Erin Condren’s Life Planner are changing the way we look at our calendars. These three life planners (calendars, day books, agendas) are so popular that they are selling out faster than their creators can announce release dates.  I’m currently using the Erin Condren Life Planner […]

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What’s Your Parenting Style?


A new study out of Australia found that overprotective moms may hinder their child’s growth and development. According to the study from the Telethon Kids Institute, children whose mothers are highly protective are more likely to be overweight or obese by the age of 10. The study followed more than 2,500 children from age of […]

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Stationary Entertainers


I’m on the hunt for a stationary entertainer for my 5 month old son. We received the Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo as a baby shower gift and just attempted using it the other night. The springs on three sides makes the apparatus very fluid. It provides quite a bit of movement, which is great for […]

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Sophie the Giraffe


I will admit that I bought Sophie the Giraffe not knowing what it even was, I just liked the look of it and I liked that it was made in France. How glamorous for mon petite bebe! Then I started reading on some of my favorite blogs about the benefits and popularity of Sophie the Giraffe as […]

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Interesting Links


Monday was off to a slightly optimistic start. The weather seems to be brightening up (just a bit) and we seem to be heading towards warmer temps. I will keep my fingers crossed. I thought Here are a few gems I recently found and some questions I’m pondering. Should the Breast Pump Be More Advanced? […]

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photo 3

Nigella on the cover of UK Vogue bare faced and beautiful. Hayden Panettiere, tattoos and all. In an age of Photoshop frenzy, we can’t pick up a magazine without seeing a star airbrushed to the point of being unrecognizable. Why do editors feel the need to create these false images? Why do they want to […]

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