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Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Secrets

In the most recent issue of People Magazine, Jennifer Aniston is asked a question about her skincare routine. Here is her answer:

I wash my face every night and morning with the same thing I’ve used since high school – Neutrogena cleansing bar. The products I use are Dr. Hauschka moisturizer during the day and my eye cream is SK-II.

So there you have it! A drugstore cleanser for Ms. Aniston!!


I am all about multitasking! Baby oil makes a great shaving cream. Cream blush can be used on your lips. And vaseline can be used for just about anything. Well, the people at Bliss have obviously tapped into the consumer’s need for multi-use products and have created Problem-Salved. A 20 in 1 wonderbalm!   Problem Salved promises a quick fix for chapping, chafing, unruly eyebrows, and other unsightly instances that might catch you off guard. The ultra-emollient stick is loaded with mango butter, kukui nut oil, and tea tree oil and also comes in handy for straightening an over-zealous eyeliner job, blending away bits of wandering mascara, and preventing blisters when you wear uncomfortable shoes that have been known to cause blisters.

Holiday Party Spectacular with Prescriptives!

I am going to be bringing you some great looks for all of the upcoming holiday celebrations! Even if you are going to spending them at home with loved ones, why not dress up and make the event festive and exciting. You will be amazed how much fun you will have getting all dolled up for your Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years celebrations…no matter how extravagant or low-key they are, take time for yourself, indulge in some beauty and ENJOY!

For our first “Holiday Look” we are going to show some products from Prescriptives. Prescriptives has a fabulous line of skincare and makeup products that we are just ecstatic over! Their Good in Bed cream will have you looking forward to the morning, just so you can see how dewy and beautiful your complexion is!

And after a few weeks of holiday celebrating, you may need that extra boost in the mornings!

If you are at all like me, you look at an image like the one above and panic…knowing that there is NO WAY you can pull off a look that is that professional and flawless. The great thing about Prescriptives products is they are so good that they really do take away the difficulty. The illuminating liquid potion creates an all-over glow that detracts from any imperfections. It actually makes applying the makeup to your face FUN!

Now that you are dealing with a gorgeous palette, I like to work on the eyes. I think a powerful eye can make the strongest statement. If you do NOTHING else, do your eyes!! I suggest using the Relections Eye Color Quad in Cool.

One of the greatest inventions for eye makeup is the gel eyeliner. You get clean, crisp lines that really pop! I used the liquid gel and the effect was so dramatic it made my eyes appear larger and so defined! I even did my mother’s makeup for a holiday party she was attending. She hates wearing makeup and as I was applying the different techniques, kept stressing, “Don’t make me look like a clown!” When we were finished, she was so excited about the effect that she couldn’t wait to see her friends! She loved it and received compliments all night!

As a final step, and one that I think is very key to finishing off the look, is to apply a shimmery blush. Prescriptives has such a great blush for a healthy glow that you can use it with virtually ANY look. The Winter Reflections blush is a limited edition and will give you the greatest look EVER! Because it is filled with multi-hued collection of blushers, it never looks fake or heavy. It gives you the lightest and brightest glow and lasts!

So there are a few tips for a holiday look that can actually take you through any season. Dramatic eyes, a soft glow and luminous skin! You really can’t go wrong. And on a sidenote, check out the Prescriptives Bestseller page. That is always a great place to start if you are just beginning with a new line of products.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques for creating a glamorous look for any occasion.


Beauty from Mom

I just read a great post over at Glamour. It was about how most of our beauty tricks and techniques are things we learned from our mothers. My mother loved Lancome…she still does, although now she is becoming a la Mer convert.

There is something calming about the scents of products we used or experimented with during our childhood. The scents I remember, and still love to this day, are Dove, and Crabtree & Evelyn and Lancome.

I would love to hear what you readers remember from your mothers or your childhood?

Jennifer Aniston’s Makeup Secrets

Thanks to the Beauty Counter for the details on Jennifer Aniston’s all-natural, girl next door look!

Love her or hate her, you must admit there’s something compelling about Jennifer Aniston—no, we’re not talking about her personal life here (nor her GQ cover, for that matter). She’s pretty much got the rom-com thing nailed and has been enjoyable in other, less predictable on-screen formats as well (two words: Office Space). We attribute her success to her girl-next-door, all-American, plain-and-simple-but-still-sexy appeal. According to makeup artist Angela Levin, who readied Ms. Aniston for the Marley & Me premiere last night in L.A., the actress’ all-natural look is 100 percent intentional: “She just wants to look and feel great and happy.” Us too—she is so relatable! See below for Levin’s tips on how to put it all together:
The Face

To prep Aniston’s face, Levin used By Terry Lift and Stretch antioxidant serum around her eyes to smooth skin before applying just a touch of Lorac Natural Performance Foundation in NP6. To add a bit of sun-kissed contour, Levin used Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer in medium matte and brushed Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder from Aniston’s temples along her cheekbones. For a rosy glow on the apples of Aniston’s cheeks, Levin mixed a Chanel Crème Lipstick in Coco Red with a hydrating lip treatment and a dab of Sephora Blush Me! in Rose Rebelle 1.
The Eyes

For some (very) understated drama, Levin blended Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Silvery toward the outer corners of Aniston’s eyes, using the same product in Slate on the lids. She topped this off with Nars Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Violetta on the center of the lids and under the lower lashes as a light smoky liner.
The Lips

With access to a whole host of professional and as-yet-unreleased goodies, Levin dipped into her arsenal and treated Aniston’s lips to Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2009 Glossimer in Mica.

Keri Russell on The View

The ever-flawless Keri Russell was on The View today, talking about her new movie, Bedtime Stories. Of course, what Moxie was most concerned with, was how her skin looked. Of course, it was flawless!
So we did a little snooping to see if we could find out what products Ms. Keri Russell uses. Yes, it may just be excellent genes, but the girl definitely glows!

So recently she was on the cover of Lucky Magazine.

We were able to gather some information about the products that were used for the cover shoot.

For the face they used Chanel Hydramax + Active Tinted Lotion with SPF 15 ($55).

On the cheeks Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Corail ($45) went to work for a gorgeous flush.

Chanel Precision Eye Definer in Teak ($28) and Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara in Smoky Noir ($28) created the most perfect daytime or (in this case) subtle evening look for the eyes.

A swipe of Chanel Aqualumiere Lipstick SPF 15 in Montego ($27) capped off the look completely.

Brooke Shield’s Beauty Secrets

Brooke Shields revealed some of her essential beauty products that she uses to help make her look and feel so young. Her nightly ritual includes slathering on Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream.

I like the thickness and richness of La Mer, and a small jar lasts at least a year.

Brooke uses Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche shampoo to keep her long locks healthy and shiny. She says sometimes she has to wash her hair everyday and the Kerastase shampoo keeps it from drying out.

When it comes to makeup, the former model likes to keep it simple with Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Lip Protectant Stick – it’s super-moisturizing, and even has an SPF 15, it’s no wonder Brooke says she’s addicted to it. Brooke’s choice of mascara is Guerlain’s mascara in black because it has two wands, one for a thicker application (top lid) and one for a thinner application (lower lids).

Brooke favorite scent is Fresh’s Fresh Fig Apricot Eau de Parfum because it’s not too sweet smelling and she can wear it day or night.

Kate Winslet: Hollywood’s Hot Ticket

We know Kate Winslet has undergone a bit of transformation since her TITANIC days, and yet we still really, really like her! She has TWO award-ready movies coming out this month, THE READER and REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Both are getting major Oscar buzz and it looks like Ms. Winslet is Red Carpet Ready. When she was interviewed by Good Housekeeping and asked if she had any beauty secrets, she replied:

Oh God, not really. I always take my makeup off before bed, always. Even if I’m completely exhausted. And I do make the effort to put on a little makeup in the mornings. But I’m not a huge makeup person; I don’t know how to do eyeshadow. I’m not very good with that.

At Daily Moxie, we pride ourselves on getting to the bottom of the celebrity beauty routine, so we uncovered one secret from Winslet. She adores products by Tracie Martyn. She uses the Amla Purifying Cleanser and Firming Serum.

Here are some photos of Ms. Winslet on the set of Revolutionary Road, which re-teams her with her Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. The emotional drama looks like a movie not to be missed! Daily Moxie will be first in line when the movie opens, December 26th.

Side Note: Kate also adores ANTHROPOLOGIE. One of our favorite stops for authentic products and eclectic design. Here is what she recently said about Anthropologie.

I can spend hours in Anthropologie. I’ll go in for a top and come out with a sofa.

Cupcakes and Makeup…in ONE!

How adorable are these cupcakes!! I found them over at BellaSugar. They are made by Miami-based Dots Treats! Psychologically, I would probably have a problem biting into these because I would have flashbacks to my three-year old self who maybe took a bite of lipstick…once…maybe…I’m not confirming anything. Although I think I was just expressing my love for the beauty industry at an early age.

Bath & Body Works: Santa’s Little Helper

Bath & Body Works has 400 Gifts that are $10 and UNDER! Now if this doesn’t give you plenty of inspiration for stocking stuffers, I don’t know what will! I love finding little body lotions, soaps and candles in my stocking. What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers?

And don’t forget to check out their sale page for some great deals!! (I’m all about the sale pages of my favorite stores…you would be surprised at the great deals you can find!)

Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Yes, she has great skin and I would love to know what products she uses to keep her complexion so FLAWLESS. But does she really have to show off so much of it?? Isn’t this a little bit too close to pornography? I feel badly even putting it on my blog…and I may just take it down because it’s making me BLUSH!

The Boston Herald has an article about Jennifer Aniston’s recent appearance in GQ. Here is the link to the full piece, but just to give you an idea of the reporters angle, here is a quote from the article.

What is it with this relentless notion that if a middle-aged celebrity can somehow defy gravity, it’s a crime not to prove it? Who said in order to be OK with yourself, you’ve got to pose with nothing but a spray tan?

You know what I’d like to see? Men acting this way when they’re dumped – like ex-Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie on the cover of Vogue wearing nothing but a cone bra, complaining about how uncool A-Rod is.

The reporter also goes on to compare Aniston to Glen Close’s character in Fatal Attraction…yikes!

But seriously. I think Jennifer displayed her beauty in a much more glamorous way in Vogue. Can’t she stick with this look? I would think men would find this way sexier. What’s with all the nudity Jen? Here’s a side-by side comparison, guess which one is for GQ?

Clinique’s 10 Days of Happiness

Clinique is running a Holiday Special through December 14th. Any $40 purchase made today will get you one of these top-selling items FREE!

-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

-Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

-7 Day Scrub Cream

Click on any other day on the calendar to see the special offer for that particular day. I’m not sure if this is part of our current economic state, but a lot of companies seem to be offering more freebies and discounts than ever! Today’s Boston Globe had an article on luxury stores offering great incentives for buyers including discounts, free gifts and more!

The Retinoid Debate

Petra Guglielmetti, one of the editors over at Glamour’s beauty blog, has started to chart her progress on a new skincare routine in the months leading up to her wedding. She recently posted about her issues with retinoids and how her only experience with them was negative (and took place during high school). Her issues were pealing skin, redness, irritation, etc. However, we all keep hearing how retinoids are the ONLY thing you can do to your skin that will have any noticeable impact. Is this correct? Should we all be on some form of vitamin A derivative? Petra’s doctor prescribed Atralin. We will have to follow her progress and see how things develop.

Holiday Dresses

It’s that time of year when everyone is in the party spirit. New York Magazine has a great collection of party dresses on display and the price range is $20-$3000, so there is certainly something for everyone!

Great Gift Ideas

Now is the time when people start scrambling to make sure they have something thoughtful for everyone on their list. I am here to offer some holiday suggestions.

Dr. Hauschka has a collection of trial sizes of their aromatherapy bath oils. The tin box contains Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary, Spruce and Sage. These oils are used to energize, relax or soothe. Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Richard Gere and Robert Downey Jr. are just a few of the celebrities who have publicly extolled Dr. Hauschka’s virtues.

Fashion Meets Technology

It has officially arrived! The world’s first digital “clutch”. Featuring the peony-inspired design in the vivid shades of violet and sophisticated reds found throughout her Spring 2009 collection, this special edition notebook seeks to satisfy the highly mobile, Internet-centric fashionista. How cute is that?!

It features a 10.2″ High Definition display, is 1” thick, and weighs in at a mere 2.25 lbs. Simply put, it’s high fashion meets high tech. The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is priced at $699.

Jolie Nadine Holiday Giveaway

Nadine Haobsh, the girl who I feel really got the whole Beauty Blogging Ball rolling, is hosting a giveaway over at her site. She has partnered with Proactiv and is giving away 20 3-Step Systems. I have tried the Proactiv System and I love it. I think it really works to get rid of breakouts and prevent new ones. So head over to Jolie Nadine and sign up for the contest. It ends Friday night.

And if you are looking for a gift for your sister or best friend, her book Beauty Confidential is GREAT!! I’ve read it twice because it is so packed with information, I was afraid I missed things on my first read. Keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby because you will be jotting down product names and tips like crazy!

Bridget Moynihan’s Beauty Secrets

{image courtesy of Getty Images}

Because there are rumors that the Brady Bundchen are ring shopping, I thought I would give a little love to the gorgeous Bridget Moynihan. This woman is seriously stunning and even when she was the girl who stole Big from Carrie, we still couldn’t help but like her.

I have always had an obsession with what celebrities use to keep their skin camera ready. Why wouldn’t you want to know what the people who have access to the best of the best in the world of beauty, use on a daily basis?!?

Here is what Bridget reported to InStyle Magazine.

I was getting sort of dry skin, so I went to a spa and they recommended the Darphin product line. I got the face wash, the cleansing milk, the cream and the toner, and my whole face cleared up.

A few of the other products Bridget found in her makeup bag were:

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Cle de Peau Beaute Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact No. 1

Sage Roll-On Perfume in Onyx

Shu Uemura Glow On in Peach

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Lip Balm in No. 303

Stila Perfecting Concealer in Shade D

Seasons Greetings

Just found out that this is the holiday card Lancome sent out last year. How much do you LOVE it!?! This is what I want for my holiday card!!! It is illustrated by Hilary Knight (of Eloise fame).

Clinique Holiday Makeup

The other night I was in a rush to prepare for a holiday event. Thankfully I had purchased this Clinique “Impactful Eye” kit at my local Clinique counter. It was the perfect solution! Just enough eye makeup to create a clean, sharp look (and even the remover to take it all off in one swipe at the end of the night). Here is what the “kit” contains:

High Impact Mascara in Black, .28 oz.8 g
Dual-ended Cream Shaper for Eyes in Cocoa Shimmer/Mink, .02 oz./.5 g each
Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips, 1.7 oz./50 ml

Yes, I sound like a commercial, but I have always been a fan of Clinique’s makeup. Maybe it’s their use of the word “Almost” in so many of their products that makes you feel like you aren’t really committing to FULL makeup? The first piece of makeup I ever bought was their Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and I still use it today! I swear this color looks good on EVERYONE!