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A Photograph and the Truth

Today, after waking up and having a bagel and cream cheese, I sat down at my desk and began searching around on various, insignificant, time-consuming websites. I happened to stumble upon Facebook, a website that I truly abhor but that occasionally peaks my interest when I see a new “friend” has joined or possibly added new photos. Typically, venturing into other people’s internet lives can lead to a depression of sorts. They always portray themselves in the most exciting situations, with the most glamorous of cohorts. They are in love, or laughing or having fun or tanned, and for some reason this both frustrates and depresses me, causing me to compare lives and success stories and futures. But today was different. Today I looked at my own profile (one I have scrolled through frequently, criticizing certain photos of myself, wishing others were better) but today I stopped on a particular picture. It was a photo of me and my five-year-old niece. She looked like an angel, perfect in every possible way, as she always does. But as I looked at myself in that photograph, something clicked. For the first time I think I really saw myself. I wasn’t forcing a smile that was too harsh or too fake. I wasn’t worried about the angle of my face or the possibility of too much chin or not enough eyes. I was just happy and content holding her close to me, protecting her. I don’t look like a girl trying to be younger, cooler, happier, better. I look like a woman, confident in herself and aware of the world around her. Aware of all the bad, horrible, unfortunate things, but also confident in the good that is out there too. The blessings, the wonders, the amazement, the memories that form every single day of our lives. I wasn’t trying to be someone I’m not, I was just me and it was perfect.

Freedom of Expression

It seems that more and more frequently new social networking, blogging, communication portal sites are popping up. Whether you are blogging through Tumblr, Twitter, Blogspot or Facebook, you are essentially trying to get your thoughts out there in the most concise, and yet powerful, way. But why are certain sites growing in popularity over others? Why are people loving the format of Tumblr and Twitter? Because it is a streamlined version, a simple and quick way to get your thoughts out without overwriting or being forced to try too hard. Honestly, aren’t these quick blogging sites helping us stay true to our most authentic selves? When posting is so easy and space is limited, don’t we find that we weed out all of the unnecessary posturing and show who we really are through our words? I know you have all been to blogs that almost make you cringe because the “blogger” is trying so hard to be funny, witty, smart, original. What these bloggers don’t realize is that when you try so hard to be any or all of these things, you dilute your essential self. The person you are first thing in the morning or right before you fall asleep at night. That is your true self. The person you are when you are sick or at your most vulnerable is you. Embrace it! Love it! Accept it! and write it!!!!!!

America’s Next Top Model: Bigger and Better

I never thought I would see the day that a plus size model would win the title, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. Now in its tenth season, the reality hit started by Tyra Banks has taken an impressive (and inspiring) stance by selecting a “real” woman to win the show. I’m not going to deny it, I was applauding this decision as I watched the final moments of the finale.

I hope that this helps girls growing up in our look-obsessed, thin-obsessed society. This is what a model should look like. I don’t know if it going to change anything and I can almost guarantee this is going to be but a little blip on the fashion scene, but at least it shows we are heading in the right direction.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the winner, Whitney Thompson, stays true to her real beauty and doesn’t defeat the win by becoming yet another stick figure.

Patience is a Virtue

“What true patience is, is knowing that you want it and knowing that it’s coming and actually enjoying the unfolding along the way. Understand that you never get it done. So you might as well be patient. You never get it done, because every time you want and receive, you also receive a new perspective from which to want. Life is a constant unfolding of new desires and then a constant alignment to those desires.” –Abraham Hicks

I stumbled upon this website, Abraham Hicks, and was delighted to see that every single day it offers an inspirational quote or positive life affirmation. Sometimes I am really amazed by how consistent we can be when it comes to paying bills, going to work, making dinner, exercising, but when it comes to having patience and paying attention to our own inner monologue, we lose control. This world can certainly overwhelm us and whether we choose to thrive amidst the chaos or crumble, it is our decision. Maybe chaos is not something you can handle, maybe you need order, control, simplicity. Unfortunately, that is not something we ultimately can have control over. Life will throw us curve balls. It will push us to our knees and leave us feeling helpless. It is in the moments of utter chaos and loss that we must reach inside and find our strength. We need to have the patience to appreciate every moment as a gift, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. It is only with our own strength, patience and grace that we can begin to understand the meaning of life and our own purpose.

The First 30 Days

Today I found a fantastic site that will both inspire and challenge. It is called The First 30 Days and was started by a woman named Ariane de Bonvoisin. The site is devoted to helping people get through the first 30 days of any difficult task, aspiration, dream, goal, wish, struggle, adventure. Whether you are starting a new company, trying to stick with a diet or exercise routine, or just want to follow a dream, this site will help you accomplish anything. Ariane has made it her life’s mission to help people get through change, because no matter who you are or where you are in your life, change is the one definitive characteristic. Visit her site and read about her inspiring and amazing background and make a decision to change something about your life…today!

“Learning to embrace change has been the single most important tool to helping me love my life more and always looking for the positive in everything that happens.”

Ariane de Bonvoisin