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I googled the word “Grumpy” and this came up. Nothing could better express the way I am feeling today then this grumpy puppy. I don’t know if it’s the economy or the weather (freezing here in New Englad) or just the fact that it’s Monday…but everyone is in a foul mood! But seriously, doesn’t Mr. Grumpy Pup just look really pissed off? But still cute…and lovable…very much like me! :)

Bobbi Brown Starts the New Year the Bright Way!

Remember the thrill of getting a brand new box of Crayola crayons? You couldn’t wait to dive right in and use every color in the box. The potential was limitless and the mix of bright, vibrant colors was intoxicating. That is exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on Bobbi Brown’s new collection. It’s called Bobbi Brights Collection and I can already see it being a necessary staple in any woman’s makeup collection. Where else can you find all of these gorgeous, bold colors together in one set?

“The idea behind Bobbi Brights is simple. It’s a library of beautiful bolts of color that a woman can pick up anytime she wants to add a little fun to her look.” – Bobbi Brown

This collector’s edition palette features 35 bright shadows designed to be worn one at a time, when the mood strikes. Palette features a unique fold-out design and full size mirror. The creamy lip colors are so delicious and seriously work with every skin tone. I tried the the retro pink and it was just the perfect hint of pink in a creamy, nourishing lip stick. You honestly don’t even feel like you are wearing lipstick!

Giada De Laurentiis’ Manicure & Nail Color

I am proudly admitting that I am addicted to the Food Network! But mostly I am completely enamored by the way Giada De Laurentiis can make the most complicated dishes appear effortless! And all while maintaining a perfect, bridal-looking manicure. So what is her secret color of choice? I did a little research and actually heard from someone who had met Giada at a book signing and asked her directly. This intrepid reporter discovered that she uses OPI’s Bubble Bath!! It is the perfect color because it doesn’t make your nails appear too white or too peachy-pink, which can often happen when you are selecting among the pale pink color range.

Next step in my research will be to uncover her methods for perfectly flawless skin! And believe me, if I meet her, that will be my first question. Second will be how she stays so skinny with all that pasta??