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Valentine’s Day

Do you remember the excitement on Valentines Day in elementary school? The entire day revolved around creating decorative bags or shoe boxes to prepare for the onslaught of cards from every member of our class. There was no picking and choosing, everyone gave a card to everyone else. Sure, some of us would read into the messages selected by certain members of the class. If a boy selected a card for me with Garfield saying, “You have my heart,” I took it as his professing his true love for me. Maybe it was the only way he could really tell me what was on his mind? Maybe deep in his heart a passionate and enduring flame burned for me? Or maybe that’s the card he grabbed haphazardly out of the box it came in, with the class list written out in his mother’s neat penmanship, as he scrawled a To: and From: before moving on to the next person in class?

Either way, this year, I think I’m going to get crafty for Valentines Day! Because honestly, what’s better than a handmade card?