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Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

I’m having trouble posting images…and I don’t have the time or patience to deal with that issue right now. So imagine that you are seeing a stoic image of Senator Ted Kennedy or one of the thousands of touching and emotional photos of his memorial service or funeral. We have lost a part of our history. Here is just a tiny piece of Obama’s touching eulogy.

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“The world will long remember their son Edward as the heir to a weighty legacy, a champion for those who had none, the soul of the Democratic Party, and the lion of the United States Senate — a man whose name graces nearly 1,000 laws, and who penned more than 300 laws himself….Mr. Kennedy had suffered more pain and loss than most people will ever know, yet he never succumbed to self-pity or abandoned his dreams and principles. The greatest expectations were placed upon Ted Kennedy’s shoulders because of who he was, but he surpassed them all because of who he became. We do not weep for him today because of the prestige attached to his name or his office. We weep because we loved this kind and tender hero who persevered through pain and tragedy — not for the sake of ambition or vanity, not for wealth or power, but only for the people and the country that he loved.”

Happy Weekend!

Just had to post some new blogs that I discovered this weekend.

Design Crush : pure eye candy!

Mer Mag : brilliant illustrator, painter, designer.

Oh, Hello Friend : an inspiration blog.

Desire to Inspire : decorating inspiration.

A Field Journal : because the moment I opened her site, I gasped. Love!

A Cup of Jo : one of my all time favorites!


I’m still here! I swear! I’ve just been so busy working and any free time has been devoted to enjoying any tiny glimpse of the sun. I may have begged a little too much for some sunshine because now we are sweltering in the 3 H’s. Hazy, Hot & Humid. Oh boy is it a hot one! Today it’s about 98 degrees and the humidity makes it feel like 110!! I hear there is a hurricane off the coast and it is just waiting to crash down on us. Not sure if I’m too excited about that either.

Yesterday I spent part of the day at the beach and it seemed to be filled up with toddlers and babies. And I swear they all seemed to be at that too cute age…somewhere between one and a half and three and half…when they have a lot to say but can’t quite get the words out. One, in particular, was named Ayla and she was 3 and Oh My God, she was like a little me…! She asked my sister to put sunblock on her. Just walked right over after she watched my sister get my niece all sunblocked up and said, “Can I have some?” So trusting but so cute! She had her hair in this tiny little curly ponytail and these adorable cheeks and I just seriously wanted to take her home! Her grandmother was babysitting her and said that Ayla had actually put herself down for a nap earlier in the day…on her own. Didn’t even have to be told to do so. So yes, I think I caught a tiny bit of baby fever out in the hot sun…and it was adorable!