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JCrew Makes the Winter Sparkle

I am officially obsessed with the way JCrew is taking on the holidays. Everything is sparkling and glittering like diamonds.  This particular little number will look absolutely perfect paired with a “Little Black Dress” for a holiday party. It is simple and elegant and dresses up any outfit. You will be amazed at how your mood can be lifted when you are carrying something as glamorous as this party clutchglitterati party clutch jcrew

Here are a few more sparkling items from JCrew.

jcrewsparkle tank

Drapey Sequin Tank in Warm Taupe

sequinvneck jcrew

Dulphine Sequin V-Neck Sweater


Lumiere Dress

Diana Kruger Likes Drugstore Brands


In an interview with Bella Sugar, actress Diana Kruger gave readers a tiny glimpse into her makeup and skincare routine. Because I am obsessed with finding out what products the A-Listers use, I thought I would share what I learned. [Side Note: I once stopped Julianne Moore in an airport to ask her what cleanser/moisturizer she used because her skin is FLAWLESS. Yes, she was completely caught off guard but so sweet and genuine and really got into answering my question. FYI: She’s an Olay girl all the way.] Now back to Diana…

cgsmoothersCover Girl CG Smoothers Concealer: “You’re going to laugh, but it’s Cover Girl. It’s really good, honestly! A lot of makeup artists use it because the consistency. I like it because it’s not too dry.”


L’Oreal Triple Active Day Cream: “There is a cream by L’Oreal I really love called Triple Active Day, which is really light.”

cetaphilAnd finally, because every beautiful woman in the world uses it, might as well add Diana to the list, as well. Cetaphil.  (Side Note: Cetaphil was part of my CVS haul the other night and because of a great sale at CVS that is running from November 21-November 27 I was able to get the Cetaphil Daily Cleanser and the moisturizing cream for half off!)

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is an amazing product and I can’t believe I am only just discovering it now. I put a small bit on my hands last night and it got rid of any trace of dry skin!

Coty to Purchase Philosophy

Hope-in-a-jarAfter Oprah announced yesterday that one of her “Favorite Things” was Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, today Philosophy now has the news that they are being acquired by Coty for (reportedly) $ 1 Billion.  Coty is the world’s largest fragrance company, and holds brands including Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and Davidoff.

Don’t Shower Until You Read This!


This morning I realized that I have been doing my body a disservice. I have been using boring “soap” in the shower. I don’t know what I was thinking or why it never occurred to me to bring a little luxury to my shower. And when luxury comes in an affordable $5.99 (PINK!) bottle, it’s just icing on the cake. I am officially in love with Olay’s Body Wash Plus Creme Ribbons.

Wrap your skin in a fragrant, luxurious lather created from two intertwined ribbons—one cleanses skin while the other moisturizes—for visibly improved skin in only five days. Contains two intertwined ribbons of body wash and crème lotion for excellent moisturization while you cleanse.

And here’s the best thing, it doubles as a shaving cream! After the shower my skin feels hydrated, moisturized and smooth. Plus it smells absolutely delicious.

Disclaimer: I did not receive this product from the manufacturer. I am not being paid to write these things. I bought it and I will buy it again!

CVS Makeup Haul

Following the suggestion of another beauty blogger, Miss Glamorazzi, I purchased the following items at my local CVS tonight. I haven’t tested them out, except for the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude…which I already adore! You can tell that I am going for a very neutral palette but with clean, sharp eyes.


Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Shimmering Sands


Maybelline Dream Matte Powder


Cover Girl Lash Blast

loreal fairest nude

L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude

Oprah’s Favorite Things

You can expect more than one post about Oprah’s Favorite Things on Daily Moxie. I live for these shows and this year, as Oprah’s Final Farewell, she outdid herself by doing TWO Favorite Things Shows. As I compile my own Christmas list, I thought I would share one of the items I am now lusting over. Coach’s Madison Patent Large Sophia Satchel in BRASS. Love!


The picture doesn’t even do it justice. This bag SHINES!

Here are a few other items I’m loving from her giveaway.


Pottery Barn Jewelry Box.


Lululemon Relaxed Fit Pant.


The Book of Awakening.


Tory Burch Grey Flannel Ballerina Flat.

The Dark Winter Nights


Nails are one of the most overlooked accessories. A particular nail color can change your whole style and can really give you a polished (no pun intended) look. I have recently discovered the beauty of really dark nails. They add a sophisticated glamour to any style and make your jewelry pop and sparkle like never before! The colors I am currently LOVING right now are Essie’s Little Brown Dress, Revlon’s Plum Night and Essie’s Merino Cool.

brown-rouge nails



As a curly-haired girl, I am so used to seeing the shiny, sleek, straight hair flowing down the runways and across the pages in my favorite magazines. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see the designer Tibi use models with flowing curls to strut their stuff down her runway!


Also, on a side note, as someone who has spent a lifetime (31 years) trying to master the fine art of curl maintenance, I think I may have finally found the solution! OUIDAD!! Oh my goodness, these products really work! I personally love the leave-in conditioner and the climate control gel. I haven’t tried the other products yet but I will let you know if I like them as much as these two gems!

What I Wore…



November 16, 2010


Sweater: Theory “Liesele” Cashmere Sweater

Jeans: Gap 1969 Long and Lean

Shoes: Born




I am being interviewed for a certain major women’s magazine (can’t divulge the details just yet) and was sent a number of outfits for the photo shoot. This isn’t the outfit I ended up going with but I just loved this sweater so much that I had to document it in my first ever FASHION POST! I am a late bloomer. Up until now, fashion has never really played a major roll in my life. I was much more focused on comfort over style. For the past few months, I have been feeling a bit different towards fashion. If you can believe it, I think I credit the internet, more specifically BLOGS. There are so many fantastic websites that put a spotlight on the world of fashion and they have really inspired me to take a closer look, to be more aware of the styles all around me and to appreciate fashion for what it is…art. So be prepared for more style, fashion, decorating and beauty inspired posts because I want to document my journey from t-shirt and jeans girl into something a little more interesting and lot more exciting. Because here’s the thing about fashion, there is such a great feeling of confidence and pride that comes from wearing something you love.

PS- This entire post style was inspired by What I Wore…if you have not visited this site I highly, HIGHLY, recommend you do so NOW!  It is so fun and so interesting to get to peak into someone’s closet and see the creative ways they play with color and personal style and create beautiful outfits on a daily basis.

PPS- Excuse the hair…baby steps here, baby steps.



There are moments when I feel that my time is not my own. People pulling at me from all directions. Wanting something from me. Wanting my words, my advice, my thoughts, even just my presence. More often than not I want desperately to give my time to these people, these loved ones or colleagues. I am more than happy to be fully present for them. I am honored that they want my time. But sometimes there are days when I feel burned out, when I feel that the treadmill I am running on is set too high and I need to take a break. I need to jump off, regroup, rest and catch my breath before I end up stretching myself too thin and ultimately snapping.

When I snap I don’t do it externally. I don’t yell or cry or become a difficult, tempestuous person. No, I internalize. I over analyze and stress and worry. I fear I am letting people down because I am not able to be fully present. I question my choices and calculate my options. I push myself to the breaking point and then wonder why everything starts falling apart at the seams.  I break plans, I break promises, I break down.

I can’t be everywhere for everyone. I can’t do everything, be everything, solve everything. Sometimes saying “no” to someone else is saying “yes” to myself. As hard as it is for me to say no, worrying that I am letting someone down, it is imperative that I stay focused and centered, that I allow myself time to rest, time to regroup, time to breath.  Because it is in these moments of silence, of solitude, of rest that we are able to rebuild and strengthen. Like a muscle that has been pulled too hard and throbs with tension and pain, the only way to heal that muscle is to rest. So I am resting.  I am regrouping. I am finding my center and ultimately peace. And then I will be able to jump back in to my busy, hectic, exuberant life and give all the time in the world.

Taking Chances


Last night I curled up in bed, exhausted from a long day and desperately in need of something to take my mind off work and the tasks that lay ahead. I always have to read before I fall asleep. I need to allow my mind to go somewhere else, somewhere outside of my own life. I need to immerse myself in someone else’s reality, even if it’s the made up reality found in fiction. I read everything and anything that strikes my fancy. At the moment I am reading a novel by Lisa Verge Higgins that doesn’t release until January (perks of my profession is getting my hands on advance readers copies). The novel, The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship, details the emotional journey that three friends undergo when one member of their group passes away at a tragically young age. But she doesn’t go quietly into that good night, she leaves behind advice in the form of a letter for each of her friends. Each woman has a task laid out before her, something that she would never have considered doing if not for the advice of a daring, adventurous friend. These women find themselves stepping out of their comfortable lives and taking risks and chances they never would have even considered attempting.

Because I tend to feel that everything comes into our lives for a reason, I couldn’t help but wonder what this book was trying to teach me. Why had I picked up this particular novel at this particular time in my life? Do I need to take more chances? Risk more? Adventure more? I tend to live in the comfort of my routine. I work all day, try to get to the gym every night and curl up in front of the television after dinner. I like my routine. It works for me. It provides solace in a world that can sometimes seem overwhelming and daunting. But do I take enough risks? Do I live spontaneously? Do I seek adventure?

Here’s the interesting thing about adventure, it doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane (as one character does) or doing something that scares or frightens you. Adventure and risks can come in any shape or form. Just stepping out of your routine can be an adventure, can teach you a lesson you never expected to learn. Taking chances means opening your heart and your eyes to the life that surrounds you, the beauty, the brilliance, the excitement, the danger, the passion that can be found every single day.  Taking chances means not analyzing every step, every choice, weighing the pros and cons. It means jumping into something with both feet, feeling the exhilaration of truly living your life, not just watching it go by. Learn a new language, go on a trip, take a dance class, learn to knit, there are so many small ways we can take chances in life, so many opportunities to learn and grow. We need to take advantage of every day and appreciate the beauty and wonder of being alive and being free.

I’m sure today I’m still going to stick to my routine, I have work that needs to get done, a doctor’s appointment, a personal gym schedule, but at least that seed has been planted. I am looking at my life differently and I am taking stock of the things I do for fun, for pure enjoyment and exhilaration. I want that list to be longer than the list of obligations and responsibilities. We only have one chance at this amazing ride and I want to get everything I can out of it.

Do you take risks? Do you seek adventure in life? Do you think it is important to do these things in order to live a fulfilling life?

Flawed and Fearless


Last night my sister M called from a hotel in Maine. She’s there for a photo shoot for a profile in Glamour. After detailing the less than glamorous journey she experienced in getting to this tiny town in Maine, she told me about her fascinating travel companion, a famous makeup artist. When my sister started asking the makeup artist questions about the application of makeup and how best to cover up a few imperfections on her face, the makeup artist looked at my sisters’ face and immediately said, “Why did you point them out to me? I would have never noticed them if you hadn’t pointed them out. Never draw people’s attention to your flaws, only accentuate the areas you love.”

Talk about a life lesson when you least expect it?! How many of us point out our flaws, hoping to beat people to the punch. Let others know that we are aware of the areas we need to work on. But why? What does this do for us except accentuate the things we dislike and, as the makeup artist explained, draw others’ eyes immediately to our flaws.

This leads to the larger issue. Why are we so critical of what we see in the mirror? Why do we have to issue judgments, label things as imperfections, get frustrated by our own appearance? Why can’t we be more accepting and appreciative of the face that stares back at us? The face that has laughed and smiled, cried and comforted. Our scars and lines are maps of our journey, a life fully lived and deeply felt. We need to throw away our ideas of perfection and take a good long look in the mirror…and smile! This is the only life we’ve got and this is the only face/hair/eyes/body we’ve got so I say accentuate the positive and ignore the negative and live your life to the fullest…flaws and all!

On a side note: What I love about blogging and what I have learned from other extraordinary bloggers out there, is that by giving yourself a schedule to adhere to (a post/essay a day) forces you to find the questions, the life lessons, the pearls of wisdom in the common every day occurrences. You really begin looking for the bigger questions in the small details of life.  You truly live the examined life and it makes everything that much sweeter. So thank you to all of the women who inspire me daily!

The Happiness Found in Doing Things!


I just finished an impressive article from The Huffington Post on The Hidden Key to Happiness. Joe Robinson, author of Don’t Miss Your Life, addresses an interesting attitude about finding and discovering happiness in life. He explains that it is more about the doing then the acquiring.

Experiences ultimately bring us more happiness than possessing material objects because experiences allow us to live in the now. Robinson explains that by immersing yourself in an activity, whether it be a vacation, a dance class or even dinner with friends, you are much more alive in the moment. You allow yourself to step outside of your typical worries about yesterday and tomorrow and live in the now. It is crucial to get into the “life participant column” says Robinson.  Another thought-provoking concept that Robinson found in the research for his book is that people actually like you better when they see you as someone with interesting life experiences.

“Do too much watching and not enough experiencing and you wind up looking in the window of life.” ~Joe Robinson

Robinson writes that we are too focused on our careers and seek too much of our happiness from the day-to-day schedule, performance evaluations and paychecks. He says we need to disconnect and not see spending time doing enjoyable things as “slacking.”

I definitely fall into that category. I work 80 plus hours a week. When I’m not eating dinner or watching a reality show, I’m working. The irony isn’t lost on me that I watch more “reality” than live it.

But at least I am recognizing the changes I need to make. I need to stop making to do lists and start doing things. I need to log off from my virtual world and connect with the real world. I need to step away from work from time-to-time and step into new activities and gatherings. My goal for the new year is to start taking more time for myself, start enjoying life more and start living in the now. Yes, it is going to be baby steps. You can’t dive right in to a new way of life, but it is the thoughtful and concerted effort that counts. It is being aware that changes need to be made. It is recognizing the flaws in the system and making strides to fix them.

Do you live in the now? Do you value experiences over material objects? What are you NOT doing that you wish you were?

Running, Eating, Shopping…

Workout: Ran 4.5 miles/45 minutes. After a long weekend with too many snacks, the treadmill kicked my butt. I should blame the Cheesecake Factory turkey club but it was just TOO GOOD and I refuse to say anything negative about my beloved club.

cheesecake-factoryturkey club

Right now, as I compile my Christmas list, I’m thinking I might need to add some workout gear/clothes to my list for Santa.

It seems even celebrities have to stop and shop for active gear.

Jessica Szohr

I’m feeling like I need some tank tops and capri running pants. I need to schedule a trip to Marshalls and TJMaxx to see if I can find some Nike stuff at a reasonable price.  If anyone can recommend some good online spots for affordable, name-brand active wear, let me know!

Normal Jogger…


Here’s a pic of me on my way to the gym on Friday. Ran 3 miles. Not a lot but a good start for a beginner runner. I took this picture as I was heading out the door (with my adorable niece who was on her way to play rehearsal).

What you can’t see are the 18,000 bobby pins I have in my hair because I have a million wispies that tend to go crazy when I run.


I am loving this blog, Skinny Runner, and have been scrolling through it for awhile. I particularly like the running outfit pics she posts because that is honestly one of the most time-consuming aspects of working out…what to wear. Comfort is key! It’s funny how you don’t realize the little things that are going to drive you crazy until you hit the pavement (or treadmill).  For example, on Friday, I happened to wear pants that really wanted to slide off my body. I found myself continually pulling up my pants like a little kid who needs a belt! Well, I guess you live and you learn…or rather, you run and you learn. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today…stay tuned tomorrow for my next trip to the gym…in the meantime, this is “Normal Jogger” signing off. (You will only get that if you read the “About Me” section of Skinny Runner).

Boot Camp…for Getting Things Done


I was just reading Gretchen Rubin’s latest post on her Happiness Project and what she wrote immediately resonated with me. Instead of paraphrasing or just providing a link to her site, I wanted to post a complete portion of her post. She writes about how she was able to write a book in a month because she followed a “boot camp” mentality for getting it done. Anyone who blogs (or writes) will appreciate this stellar advice.

Whenever anyone asks me for advice about how to keep up with writing for a blog, I always say: “Post every day.” Although this sounds arduous, many people find, as I do, that weirdly it’s easier to write every day than just a few times a week.

I think the Boot Camp approach helps the creative process for several reasons, and it helps with all kinds of projects: finishing a photo album, a gardening project, a wood-working project.

  • Because you have to get so much done, you don’t have time to listen to your internal critic. You just get something done and keep moving, instead of sitting, paralyzed.
  • Progress itself is reassuring and inspiring. Panic tends to set in when you find yourself getting nothing done, day after day.
  • Because you’re so focused on your project, you begin to make deeper connections and to see more possibilities, instead of being constantly distracted by outside concerns.
  • Because of the intensity, you can hop in and out of the project, without having to take time to acclimate yourself. I have a writer friend who’s married to a painter, and she says their test for working well is when they can sit down and work if they have a spare ten minutes.
  • You lower your standards. If you’re producing a page a week, or one blog post a week, or one sketch a week, you expect it to be pretty darned good, and you fret about quality. Often, however, folks achieve their best work from grinding out the product.
  • Practice, practice, practice. My novel was terrible, but I think the sheer doing of it helped my writing, just the way practicing scales helps a pianist. The more you practice, the better you’ll become.
  • Because you have a voracious need for material, you become hyper-aware of everything happening around you — and ideas begin to flood your mind.
  • You can use this approach even if you’re working on a creative project on the side, with all the pressing obligations of a job, family, etc. Instead of feeling perpetually frustrated that you don’t have any time for your project, you make yourself make time — for a specific period.
  • It’s fun! I don’t have the urge to climb mountains or run marathons, but I got the same thrill of exertion from writing a novel in a month.

When I’m having trouble getting work done on a big project, my impulse sometimes is to take smaller, easier steps. Sometimes that helps, but sometimes it helps more to take bigger, more ambitious steps instead. By doing more instead of less, I get a boost of energy and focus.