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Signs of Life

I picked this book up on a whim, truth be told, I liked the cover. I was also intrigued by the subtitle, Finding the Best in Yourself During the Worst Life Has to Offer. Personally, I’m in that kind of emotional space right now.¬†What is so delightfully inspiring is that I can’t put this book down. The story is heartbreaking, Natalie Taylor lost her husband, Joshua, to an accident when she was five months pregnant. Signs of Life is her personal journey, written with the most poetic, honest, authentic and raw details. I am literally in love with her writing style. I am going to write a much more detailed post on this book when I finish. Stay tuned. (And in the meantime, pick up your own copy of Natalie’s inspiring story).





Now that I’m officially a MAC person (still waiting for my phone contract to end so that I can be 100% with the iPhone), I am falling in love with the streamlined style of Apple products. This cool shelf is designed in the same vein as Apple products and looks like it would be incredibly helpful in keeping your desk organized.

Metal Space Bar

Found at Quirky via SwissMiss

Lego Love

This is a pretty amazing cake!


sometimes it seems

the world is crashing down

things are failing

everyone’s faltering

fears abound


but in your heart

deep within the pain and suffering

you know

that hope is stronger than pain

faith is stronger than fear

and this too shall pass


Speak Your Mind

A few months ago I was running errands and happened to overhear two people talking about someone I knew. These women were saying disparaging things and laughing at their observations, cruel observations. I was having a particularly low day and felt, quite frankly, fed up with the world. As I started to turn away, to go down a different aisle and move on with my day, I stopped. Suddenly and painfully aware that what I was listening to, what I had heard, was unfair and if I didn’t speak up, no one would. I confronted these women and told them that what they were saying was insensitive, that if I could hear them, others could, as well. I wanted them to be made aware of the power of words and the ease with which we can hurt others. The women were caught off guard and I’m sure felt that I was wrong to be weighing in or scolding them for their gossip, but I followed my heart and spoke my mind and it still stays with me as a moment of pure clarity and strength.

Speaking up for yourself or others, standing your ground and speaking your mind does not guarantee that people will understand or even listen. It does not guarantee that they will respect, appreciate or even like you for it. But it does guarantee that you will like yourself…no…LOVE yourself!


So far I am loving yoga. Three days in a row I have bent and twisted my way to clarity and a sense of calm. Beginning to understand what all the fuss is about. I am such a beginner but in just three days I can feel a huge difference. The flexibility, the strength and surprisingly, the sweat! I honestly never realized what a demanding workout yoga can be. I think I’m in love!

I do tend to get overly hyped up about something and then it fizzles out pretty quickly, so I will keep you posted. But first, I will leave you with this…“Yoga offers the promise of remaining centered in the midst of turbulence.” -Deepak Chopra


Random statement of the day, I LOVE iMOVIE! I love it! I have been playing around with it for less than 24 hours (after taking a class at the Apple store) and I absolutely love it. I could become obsessed with this new toy! Slowly but surely I am becoming a Mac person. I never thought the day would come but I’m so glad it did!

How to Be a Gentleman

Men, take note!

Take a Trip

This poster is so rad. Just love it. Find it here.