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Decorating for Spring

It’s a cold but brilliant almost spring day in Massachusetts. Magnolias are in full bloom (as evidenced by my early morning walk) and my garden is calling out to me. Unfortunately, it will be a few more days until it feels warm enough to get my hands dirty and start planting. I’m a novice gardener and am hoping to learn a lot this spring and summer.

I’ve been doing some spring shopping and buying a few outdoor items to spruce up the exterior of my house. My hunt for some sea-related items brought me to WEST ELM where I found this perfect outdoor mat. This was my first purchase from West Elm but I ended up buying a laundry basket soon after. I spent my Sunday flipping through the catalog and finding summertime inspiration.


People  have become so used to shopping online that we hardly ever flip through catalogs. It was enjoyable to just sit with the catalog and get some ideas. I also discovered that West Elm very cleverly uses Holly Becker from Decor8 to give decorating inspiration and advice. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a blogger mentioned (and profiled) in a catalog! Very innovative and smart.


So while my garden begins to sprout tiny glimpses of green and I wait with bated breath for the weather to turn in my favor, I will have to get my daily dose of flowers from the garden shop down the street.



IMG_0096Hope you are having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday!



Very excited to start my gardening adventure and am looking forward to some beautiful spring and summer blossoms. I also feel that learning something new, like gardening, is a way to stay curious and excited about life. Days like this, when we are facing such tragedy and confusion, it’s nice to lose yourself in something real and cathartic and gratifying. I know that the minute I see a sprout of green, a sign of life and beauty, I will feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and an appreciation for the cyclical nature of life.



Words can’t express how I feel about what happened in Boston on Marathon Monday. To have such tragedy, such loss, such pain and suffering thrust upon our beautiful city, and the inspiring people who reside here, breaks my heart. I have complete faith that we will rise above the terror and be stronger and more courageous than ever before. Yes, our innocence may be lost but our hope, faith and bravery remains.

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