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This is my letter to the world…


“This is my letter to the world.” ~Emily Dickinson

I have recently started reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and am overwhelmed by the amount of insight and inspiration this woman provides in her book. I can see why it was such a breakthrough hit when it came out, endorsed by Oprah herself, and continues to sell incredibly well. It is laid out like a diary, with entries corresponding to every single day of the year. It starts on January 1st and goes straight through December 31st providing short, inspirational anecdotes for every date. I decided to start with December 9th, the day I found the book in a pile of old books in my house, and I found it beautifully poignant and appropriate.

December 9th

The Christmas Letter

The advice that followed was so appropriate at this time of year. The entry began by focusing on a woman who writes a Christmas letter in which she documents the perfection of her family and the beauty of her life, essentially making everyone feel miserable and powerlessness within the confines of their own less than stellar lives. Simple Abundance came out in 1995, long before the days of Facebook and Instagram where people can now document the perfection of their lives on a daily basis. They don’t even have to write anything, they can simply post edited images of perfection. So how can we turn this frustration into action? How can we begin to feel good about our lives? By recognizing everything we have done, the obstacles and the joys, and find gratitude in those moments. I love the idea of writing down our own private letters where we explore the “exciting safari of the self and Spirit,” that we have experienced this year as well as looking forward with hope and optimism for the year to come. 

This year, we’ll write a letter of our own. We’ll write about our exciting safari of the self and Spirit. …We’ll write about the tiny changes that have made a great difference in how we approach our daily round. Then we’ll write another letter, dated this time next year, in which we’ll describe how our dreams came true. In it, we’ll outline our glorious ideal lives in detail — exactly what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, who’s doing it with us. But we’ll write these two letters in our discovery journals only; they’re for our eyes alone. Because this is not merely our letter to the world, this will be our letter to the Universe. What we’re really doing is setting down our New Year’s aspirations in concrete form.

This is the perfect time to start writing these letters, filling up our “discovery journals” with dreams and aspirations, hopes and plans. Life is not perfect. Life is full of obstacles, moments that knock us off our feet or leave us gasping for air. No one is immune to these unfortunate twists, even the “perfect” woman with the “perfect” Christmas letter.

Remember that your family and friends don’t live edited lives. You needn’t either.

I will be writing these letters in my discovery journal and seeing how they play out over the following year. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has similar plans. I hope you will join me on my own “safari of the self and Spirit.” 

Brahms Mount Cotton Throw


I just love these Cotton Herringbone Throws from Brahms Mount. They are a beautifully classic staple for your home…and so cozy!

According to their website, Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature American look and soft, luxurious hand. Classically beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and grounded in the authentic character and centuries-old textile tradition of Maine, their products have been capturing hearts since the company was founded in 1983.

Their blankets, throws and linen towels are woven on antique shuttle looms by local artisans in their mill in Monmouth, Maine. To achieve such vibrant colors, they use specially engineered yarns spun from the finest natural fibers and colorfast, eco-friendly dyes. The pieces come off the loom feeling clean and untreated, rich and resilient.

Brahms Mount carries on Maine’s textile tradition and they are proud to use machines and methods that have stood the test of time – and still produce the best quality available. But most of all, they’re proud to play a role in keeping American manufacturing alive and well. This information was all found on the Brahms Mount website. I have no affiliation with the company and have received nothing from them in exchange for this post. I just really, really like the blankets and think they would make an excellent present for a loved one during the holiday season.

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

Sometimes you just really need cheerful things around you during the holidays. They brighten your mood and inspire you to stay hopeful, festive, and optimistic. Every year when you bring out those boxes of decorations it becomes a journey down memory lane. We have decorations that belonged to our parents, those that were given to us as gifts during special times and those that just make us happy. That’s what the holidays are all about, finding joy and gratitude on a daily basis.

This year I bought this adorable Chip & Dip plate from Shop Glitzy Glam and it truly succeeded in brightening my day (a day that happens to be particularly gloomy, grey, and rainy). Can’t wait to have friends and family over and celebrate this beautiful season!