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December Daily



This year I will be documenting Grayson’s first Christmas season through a December Daily album created by Ali Edwards. I have just started putting together the foundation pages (in between work, naps, and playtime with my little guy). This year I have less time than ever and yet I have a stronger desire to document this season. Taking the time to count your blessings and document them is a wonderful way to slow down and both enjoy and savor these moments.  As they say, the days are long but the years are short. Grayson is quickly approaching his first birthday (yikes!) so I will take my album up to his birthday, December 27th. Hopefully this will become a tradition that one day Grayson can take part in and help build our December Daily album. This is a very special month for so many reasons and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to show my love for it all.

This month brings with it the hectic craziness of Christmas shopping, finding a perfect tree, decorating (and cleaning) the house, waiting for Holly ‘s (the Elf on the Shelf) arrival, cooking holiday treats (Greek cookies!) and many more things that I want to soak up and enjoy.