31 Things

I’m working my way, slowly but surely, through Ali Edwards 31 Things Class over on Big Picture Classes. So far we have explored five unrelated yet thought-provoking subjects of every day life.

  • Jewelry
  • Morning Routine
  • Read
  • Spirit
  • Conversation

Just posing these daily questions stretches your mind in ways you will find enlightening. For example, the first day’s prompt of jewelry immediately made me think of the two gold bracelets my mother wore practically every day during my childhood. These bracelets made a familiar jingle every time she moved her arms. I used to hear them when she turned her key in the door, signaling she was home from work or when she pushed open my bedroom door in the morning, waking me up for school. This was the sound I heard while she cooked dinner, turned the pages of a children’s book while reading aloud, and brushed my hair. There were so many memories that came pouring out from that one simple “thing.” Who knew that just having to tell a story about jewelry would bring back so much joy and childhood happiness. It unlocked more stories than I even knew existed and turned something so simple into something profound and memorable. This is the power of storytelling. This is the power of the written word. Only a few days in and I am already thrilled to be taking part in the 31 Things journey.

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