Normal Jogger…


Here’s a pic of me on my way to the gym on Friday. Ran 3 miles. Not a lot but a good start for a beginner runner. I took this picture as I was heading out the door (with my adorable niece who was on her way to play rehearsal).

What you can’t see are the 18,000 bobby pins I have in my hair because I have a million wispies that tend to go crazy when I run.


I am loving this blog, Skinny Runner, and have been scrolling through it for awhile. I particularly like the running outfit pics she posts because that is honestly one of the most time-consuming aspects of working out…what to wear. Comfort is key! It’s funny how you don’t realize the little things that are going to drive you crazy until you hit the pavement (or treadmill). ¬†For example, on Friday, I happened to wear pants that really wanted to slide off my body. I found myself continually pulling up my pants like a little kid who needs a belt! Well, I guess you live and you learn…or rather, you run and you learn. Well, that’s all I’ve got for today…stay tuned tomorrow for my next trip to the gym…in the meantime, this is “Normal Jogger” signing off. (You will only get that if you read the “About Me” section of Skinny Runner).

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