Around Here…

The holidays are fast approaching so that means the temperature is dropping…rapidly. I have become a bit of a fire fiend. I love the smell, the crackle of the logs, and the warmth a fire provides. It is soothing and comforting, it’s like coming home. Nothing makes me think of home more than the holidays. I’m really excited to spend Thanksgiving with the people I love, who mean the world to me. So my week has been spent decorating for Thanksgiving and prepping my baking skills. I’ve also been taking long walks, enjoying this brilliant fall in New England, watching the last of the leaves fall from the trees. Super Storm Sandy forced the leaves off the trees a little earlier than expected but it’s beautiful nonetheless. I’ve also been doing lots of fall cleaning and have found a great little trick. Leave a big, canvas bag in a central spot and throughout the day, as I find things that need to be put away or brought back to their home, I drop it in the bag. Instead of having clutter everywhere, I have a bag-o-stuff that I can carry around while I return things to where they belong. It works great! Plus, the bag looks cute in my hallway.

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