Bobbi Brown and Emerson College

Yesterday, I appeared on a local television program. The production level of the program was pretty high, so I was treated to a makeup artist before appearing on camera. I’m sure nearly every woman at some point in her life has sat in a department store makeup chair and had different products expertly applied. But during those situations, you are usually being sold products. Last night, not a product was mentioned as this expert went to work on my face. Television makeup is a lot different than everyday, going out makeup. However, I think that every woman should learn how to really apply makeup in order to understand where different contours of our faces can be enhanced, how to minimize the appearance of freckles and how to apply enough mascara and liner so that it actually makes your eyes appear twice as large. This was the treat I had yesterday and I couldn’t stop asking the makeup artist questions. Trust me, if she was selling something, anything, I would have bought it.

That’s why I couldn’t believe that today I heard about Bobbi Brown teaching makeup artist classes at Emerson College! I happen to have graduated from Emerson College with a journalism degree (yes, tooting my own horn) and remember hearing that Bobbi attended Emerson and studied theater makeup. I am so impressed with what she has done with her degree and the fact that she is now bringing it back to where it all started is really inspiring. In response to announcing her new program, Bobbi Brown said,

“When I found Emerson, I found myself. It’s so great now to come back full-circle and help aspiring makeup artists grow and learn.”- Bobbi Brown

For additional information, check out Emerson College’s website.

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