Duck Tape Flowers

Duct Tape Flowers are a relatively new craft that seem to be growing in popularity. I was first introduced to them by my 10-year-old niece, Piper. I asked Piper if she would demonstrate the art of the Duct Tape Flower for Daily Moxie. This post is entirely produced by Piper. I think I might have to make her a regular contributor to the site!

Enjoy Piper’s tutorial on the Duct Tape Flower!


Step 1 choose the colors you want and pencil


Step 2 wrap the petals shown in picture #2


Step 3 Keep wrapping each color until you reach the size you like


Extras: Glue a sequin or pompom on the eraser(middle of the flower). Also you can make a bee to glue on from a wood bead and a pipe cleaner.

photo-5 copy

Valentine’s Day Card Crafting

The other day I spotted these Do-It-Yourself Valentine’s Day Card ¬†Kits from American Crafts at Target. They were absolutely adorable and I knew they were the perfect craft project to do with my ten-year-old niece. I love the color combination of pink and green/teal/aqua. It’s so bright and really makes the work pop. It’s amazing how doing something as simple as putting together a card, doing something crafty and artistic, really opens people up. My niece will tell me so much about her day, her friends, her school, her worries when we are crafting together. I think doing something constructive yet enjoyable allows your mind to relax and you can open up and just talk. Some of my best moments with her have been spent gathered around a craft table with scissors, stickers and glue. It’s about so much more than the Valentine’s Day card or the scrapbook page. It’s about the time spent together.¬†