“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” ~Zig Zigler

I’m very inspired by Elisa Blaha‘s Mile-A-Day Challenge. The basic idea is that every day, from Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day, you will walk or run at least a mile a day. I technically started the day before Thanksgiving and have logged three miles a day of walking. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I haven’t gone for my walk today but I’m looking forward to it. Giving yourself a timeline with requirements that must be met can be sort of liberating. It is something that I can put on my to-do list that will actually bring me healthy benefits (and emotional, as well). I’m also working on another project that I’m looking forward to sharing with you in the very near future! It is one of those “ideas” that just brings forth a surge of excitement and enthusiasm. Can’t wait to talk about it more!



So far I am loving yoga. Three days in a row I have bent and twisted my way to clarity and a sense of calm. Beginning to understand what all the fuss is about. I am such a beginner but in just three days I can feel a huge difference. The flexibility, the strength and surprisingly, the sweat! I honestly never realized what a demanding workout yoga can be. I think I’m in love!

I do tend to get overly hyped up about something and then it fizzles out pretty quickly, so I will keep you posted. But first, I will leave you with this…“Yoga offers the promise of remaining centered in the midst of turbulence.” -Deepak Chopra

Every Day

I’m trying to post every. single. day.

I know that the key to sticking with something is to be consistent. So I’m really, really, really going to try to post every day. I hope I can do it!

Wish me luck!

…and if you stumble across this blog, leave me a comment. It might just be the incentive I need to KEEP GOING!


Ran 3 miles.

Walked 2.5 miles.

Walked after dinner…more of a stroll.


Self Magazine Photo Shoot

I was profiled in the February issue of SELF Magazine in an article on healthy weight and self-acceptance. It was a wonderful experience and I was able to do it with my mother, sister and niece. Definitely something I will never forget. With regards to the world of photo shoots and stylists, this experience really opened my eyes. So much goes into a simple photo shoot and it really is important to experiment with different designers and styles. My look consisted of a JCrew sweater, Eileen Fisher tank top and Eileen Fisher jeans. I loved it all!

But what was most important about this article was that it was about self-acceptance and having a healthy body image. I love clothes and makeup and jewelry, like most women, but I also believe, truly believe, that beauty comes from within. A healthy lifestyle is key. I exercise every single day, in any way I can. I walk, swim and run. I get outside and MOVE! Being active keeps me sane. It keeps my stress level in check. It gives me confidence and allows me to enjoy my life (and delicious summer cookouts). I don’t obsess over what I eat, I just keep moving.