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The holidays are fast approaching so that means the temperature is dropping…rapidly. I have become a bit of a fire fiend. I love the smell, the crackle of the logs, and the warmth a fire provides. It is soothing and comforting, it’s like coming home. Nothing makes me think of home more than the holidays. I’m really excited to spend Thanksgiving with the people I love, who mean the world to me. So my week has been spent decorating for Thanksgiving and prepping my baking skills. I’ve also been taking long walks, enjoying this brilliant fall in New England, watching the last of the leaves fall from the trees. Super Storm Sandy forced the leaves off the trees a little earlier than expected but it’s beautiful nonetheless. I’ve also been doing lots of fall cleaning and have found a great little trick. Leave a big, canvas bag in a central spot and throughout the day, as I find things that need to be put away or brought back to their home, I drop it in the bag. Instead of having clutter everywhere, I have a bag-o-stuff that I can carry around while I return things to where they belong. It works great! Plus, the bag looks cute in my hallway.

Project Life

I love Project Life!

Holiday Party Planning

Yes, I know Halloween was last week and Thanksgiving has yet to come, but I’m already planning my sister’s Holiday Party. Yes, it happens to be a party she has yet to say she’s having and she may discover she is having this party by reading this blog. But still, better to be prepared, right?

So I’m already falling in love with all of the sparkly, brilliant ideas I’m finding on Pinterest.

I can’t wait for this party {obviously} and I think it will be fun to spend the next two months planning. Although, maybe I should work on my Thanksgiving table first? Oh well. So much to do, so little time.

Happy Holidays!

via Amy Atlas

via Amy Atlas

via pinterest

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

I promise next time I will talk about Thanksgiving and I feel badly for not giving any love to Halloween. So in closing, I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween filled with sweet treats and spooky times!

Cuteness Overload

Warning! These little princesses will steal your heart!!!

My Weekend

Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell

This weekend was spent mostly in recuperation. I had some minor surgery on Friday and was relatively immobile for the entire weekend. But luckily, the sun was shining and I had a nice place to sit and relax outside under a big shady tree. I did something that I never get around to doing on weekends…I read! Reading is my absolute favorite pastime but it’s ridiculous how infrequently I allow myself to do it during the day. So this weekend was pure relaxation and indulgence in my favorite thing. Luckily, I started a book that piqued my interest immediately and I found myself flying through the pages. Just pure escapism and exactly what the doctor ordered.

I’m looking forward to being back on my game because there have been so many interesting challenges that I have found online that I want to further explore. For example, Elise Blaha is doing a series on finding shapes in every day life and photographing them. I’m still doing Ali Edwards 31 Things, which started last week and of course, the ever present Project Life.

I wish I had more personal pictures to add to this post but as I said, I’m a bit out of commission. As soon as I am up and around again, I will be bringing lots of snapshots of my life to Daily Moxie. Stay tuned…

Love Audrey

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

-Audrey Hepburn

My (Future) Agenda

I am literally using my blog to remind myself to BUY this agenda in August…yes, you will be mine!

Where the Wild Things Are

“Live your Life. Live your Life. Live your Life.” ~ Maurice Sendak (1928-2012)

Keep Moving Towards Happiness


Mondays. They’re pretty tough. Typically you feel overtired and overwhelmed with the work load that has built up over the weekend. But there is nothing that solves the problems of a Monday better than exercise. It clears your head and gives you a feeling of power and control, something that we often feel is lacking in our lives. It erases guilt for any overindulging you may have done (or plan to do). And most importantly, it makes you feel ALIVE!

I am grateful for the way a simple run makes me feel more alive. I am grateful that I am able to go for a simple run every day of my life. I am grateful for the simple power of putting one foot in front of the other.

This Girl

This girl is the love of my life and has filled up the past nine and half years with so much joy and jubilation that I can’t imagine the days that came before. How boring and bleak those days must have been. How devastatingly dull. But today. Today she is here. Today I hear stories of playground drama and art class achievements. She shows me the joy in simple blessings that are all around us. The sounds of puppies playing, the beauty of a rock and birds landing precariously close to our feet. She sees it all, notices everything and graces me with the opportunity to see the world through her eyes. Her innocent, precocious and hopeful eyes. All that is beautiful in the world comes shining through and I am left speechless. Speechless and blessed.

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine


Last week I watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, a documentary focusing on one year in the life of the famous comedianne Joan Rivers. She made an interesting point while being heckled during a show. She had made a joke about Helen Keller being the dream daughter because she couldn’t speak and a man started yelling from the audience saying the joke wasn’t funny because he had a deaf son. It was a sad moment (and could have been terribly awkward for Joan) but she said to the man, yelling from the audience, “We have to laugh at the tragedies in life, it gives them less power over us.” She is right. Laughter is one of the best ways to handle the obstacles that pop up in our path. Joan also showed that even if it is impossible to avoid fear, insecurities and failure, the best way to handle it is to keep moving forward, never give up and always persevere. Joan Rivers is nothing if not tenacious and determined and that is why she is still a star at 77 years old. It is inspiring that even in our darkest days we can find humor.


Now that I’m officially a MAC person (still waiting for my phone contract to end so that I can be 100% with the iPhone), I am falling in love with the streamlined style of Apple products. This cool shelf is designed in the same vein as Apple products and looks like it would be incredibly helpful in keeping your desk organized.

Metal Space Bar

Found at Quirky via SwissMiss

Lego Love

This is a pretty amazing cake!


sometimes it seems

the world is crashing down

things are failing

everyone’s faltering

fears abound


but in your heart

deep within the pain and suffering

you know

that hope is stronger than pain

faith is stronger than fear

and this too shall pass



Random statement of the day, I LOVE iMOVIE! I love it! I have been playing around with it for less than 24 hours (after taking a class at the Apple store) and I absolutely love it. I could become obsessed with this new toy! Slowly but surely I am becoming a Mac person. I never thought the day would come but I’m so glad it did!

How to Be a Gentleman

Men, take note!

Take a Trip

This poster is so rad. Just love it. Find it here.



Today is Sunday. It is also Academy Awards Day! I am a huge, huge fan of the Oscars. I sit, riveted to the screen, from the minute the arrivals start to the final closing comments from the Oscar host. I have watched Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic interview celebrities on the red carpet for so many years that I feel like I know them. I love everything about Oscar day. I love the prepping. I love all of the filler interviews they do all day long on E! I love the dresses, the interviews, the actual awards themselves. It’s just a super fun day all around.

Last night M and I went out to dinner. Our table was up against a floor to ceiling window and I noticed a young man walking around outside the restaurant, talking on his cell phone. Nothing unusual about that. What was unusual was that he was holding a dozen roses. Immediately my mind started running through probable stories regarding this young man. Was it a first date? Was it an impending engagement? Was it an anniversary? He kept pacing in front of the restaurant, nervously shuffling the roses from one hand to the other as he checked his phone. Who was he talking to?  Was he being stood up? It’s funny how this stranger became a central focus for M and me. We couldn’t stop analyzing him. M suggested that this man was using the flowers as a ploy, an act to attract women. The story he tells at bars to gain sympathy. “I’ve been stood up,” he’ll say, as he lays the flowers beside his beer at the bar, getting ready to drown his sorrows in alcohol. The women would flock to him. There’s something about a man carrying roses that makes the female heart melt.

As M and I were preparing to go, M ducked into the bathroom and I headed for the front door. I came face-to-face with the man and his roses…and his date! They were speaking with the hostess and she was directing them towards their table. Success! I felt a surge of excitement and happiness for these strangers. As they turned the corner and disappeared into the restaurant, M appeared from the bathroom. “You just missed it,” I said. “She came!” M immediately knew what I was talking about and was immediately frustrated by his bad timing. “I missed her!  What did she look like?”  I described what I had seen and we walked out of the restaurant discussing the strangers. After spending the night dissecting a strangers life, I felt like I knew him…and maybe her, as well. Just like the celebrities on the red carpet. The truth of the matter is that none of us are really strangers. We’re all sharing the same time and space with similar stories, struggles and successes.

A Challenge

I’m giving myself a challenge. An experiment. An assignment to help me harken back to my school days when a task was set and there was a definitive start and end point. Today is Tuesday. I am going to blog every day on DAILY MOXIE for seven straight days. Tuesday to Tuesday, one solid blog post about whatever topic I see fit. There is no set length but hitting at least 500 words would be nice. This has nothing to do with gaining readers and everything to do with testing the waters, seeing how I feel about posting here regularly. Exercising my creative writing skills on a daily basis and seeing how it feels. I’m looking forward to this little challenge, this course in daily exposition and internal interrogation. The topics may be trivial, they may be heavy, but I can promise you this, they will always be heartfelt. I pour my heart into everything I do and in a way, this gives things more impact and emotional weight than they often deserve, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. So this challenge matters to me and I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey.


February Favorites

Links to my favorites: Ann Marie Loves Paper, Fresh, Rifle Paper, Jet Pens, Parcel Post, Tiffany, David Yurman, Anthropologie.