Recently someone picked on me for making sweeping proclamations in writing…maybe even in a blog like this one. I had posted something like, “Here me now! I am going to write a novel!” or “I am going to run every single day of my life!” or “I will read a book a week for the rest of my days on earth!” What can I say, I live with gusto. Honestly, I think that is the best way to live. It is certainly the only way I know how to live. I say, go big or go home. Life can get pretty boring if you quietly go about your every day life without throwing some challenges in your path, without making the most of the small space you were allotted. Life is nothing if not lived with enthusiasm. But guess what? I’m not perfect. My “great plan” is going to lose steam in a day or two. I’m going to change my mind. One day I am going to be happy and excited for my little challenges (reading, writing, running) and other days I am going to feel like I have a tiny rain cloud following me around, bothering no one else but me. Ups and downs. That’s life. Make plans. Break plans. But at least have fun doing it.

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