Cultural Differences


Last night my dinner with friends brought us to Chinatown in Boston. We tried very hard to have “authentic” Chinese food and not the Americanized version. I am partial to the American version of Chinese food. I like my lo mein, fried rice and chicken fingers. What can I say, I’m a purist. But one of my dinner companions is actually from China, so he knew exactly what to order that would send our culinary vision of Chinese food spinning.

The meal started with our waiter bringing a live crab to our table for us to “inspect” and moments later the crab was seasoned, spiced and fried. I wish I could say that I ate it and it was the most delicious culinary experience of my life. Nope. I’m a wimp. I stuck with my noodles and rice and watched everyone else venture through unknown territory. Do I wish I was more adventurous? Sure. Was I happy with my noodles and rice? You bet!

Sometimes it’s fun to just be a part of something daring, to witness it and take in your surroundings without actually jumping in feet first. I’m more than happy taking it all in.

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