Day One and Already in Love



Last night I used these wipes to take off my makeup and I LOVED them! I loved the smell because it was very fresh and very clean without smelling like a makeup remover or too perfume-like. The scent was absolutely perfect. The texture was soft with a few raised nubs to give you that deep cleaning feel. Another pet peeve I have about the cleansing towelettes is that they tend to either dry out quickly or be too wet. These Target Up & Up cloths were just right! (I feel a little like Goldilocks with this review but trust me, I’ve tried them all and this is by far my favorite). They were definitely on the low end when it comes to pricing (much cheaper than the name brand towelettes and twice as effective).

I bought the thirty pack and considering I only needed one towelette to remove all my makeup (typically I use at least two and I don’t even wear that much makeup) and that only added to my love of this product. So a BIG thanks to Organized Jen for turning me onto these great towelettes! I will definitely be purchasing these again!


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