Duck Tape Flowers

Duct Tape Flowers are a relatively new craft that seem to be growing in popularity. I was first introduced to them by my 10-year-old niece, Piper. I asked Piper if she would demonstrate the art of the Duct Tape Flower for Daily Moxie. This post is entirely produced by Piper. I think I might have to make her a regular contributor to the site!

Enjoy Piper’s tutorial on the Duct Tape Flower!


Step 1 choose the colors you want and pencil


Step 2 wrap the petals shown in picture #2


Step 3 Keep wrapping each color until you reach the size you like


Extras: Glue a sequin or pompom on the eraser(middle of the flower). Also you can make a bee to glue on from a wood bead and a pipe cleaner.

photo-5 copy

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