Embroidered Pillows

As I wrote earlier, the countdown to Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc) has officially begun and I am all about giving gifts that will be the perfect addition to people’s homes. These are great throw pillows that can be tailor made to each specific recipient.

These pillows are delightful keepsakes for remembering your hometown, or perhaps to commemorate your honeymoon, or some wonderful vacation spot. Great for gift giving, and as you can imagine, these pillows are unusual conversational pieces, whether displayed in a home, office, or anyplace you can imagine. When you examine your pillow up close and see all the details that have been skillfully stitched, not to mention all the color changes of thread involved, you’ll realize what an exceptional value it is.

These ENTIRELY HAND STITCHED pillows have been on all the “must have lists”…featured on the Today Show as well as many magazines. They are found in the best shoppers and boutiques in the country and will not disappoint. I found them in Flat of the Hill on Beacon Hill in Boston.


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