Grey Outlook Turns Sunny

Dr. Alex Karev found the sunny side of a surgery. (Image

Dr. Alex Karev found the sunny side of a surgery. (Image

I have been reading The Dating Optimist’s blog today and I think it is changing the way I go about my daily routine. I’m now looking for the optimistic aspects of just about everything! In tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, for example, on his first day in charge of Seattle Grace, Dr. Shepherd wonders how many disasters one day can hold.  It just seems that anything that can wrong, will go wrong. And haven’t we all had those days? One surgery, in particular, takes an unexpected turn when Dr. Karev is operating on a child with severe stomach pains. The surgery comes back with no results. The problem they thought was causing his pain, wasn’t even there. It wasn’t until the patient was back in recovery, that a problem with his heart suddenly lets itself be known, with drastic results. If not for the surgery on one part of his body, doctors would have never discovered the problem with his heart.

This is a great example of fate and also the benefits of being optimistic. The patient’s father was so angry that all of these problems had evolved from a simple stomach pain.  Karev, the most unlikely of optimists, explained that if not for the minor problems, the heart problem could have hit when the patient was home, without giving him time to get to the hospital.  Sometimes the tiny bumps in the road can help prepare us for the larger obstacles, maybe even prevent the larger obstacles from even happening.

Needless to say, if just reading a few posts on her blog can inspire such a change, I will be sure to pick up a copy of her book, Meeting Your Half Orange, this weekend!

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