I googled the word “Grumpy” and this came up. Nothing could better express the way I am feeling today then this grumpy puppy. I don’t know if it’s the economy or the weather (freezing here in New Englad) or just the fact that it’s Monday…but everyone is in a foul mood! But seriously, doesn’t Mr. Grumpy Pup just look really pissed off? But still cute…and lovable…very much like me! :)


  1. what kind of dog is it?

  2. Matt Shaw says:

    I found this picture the same way a few years ago. I use it as an avatar when I am in a mood.

  3. Looks just like my baby girl. Unfortunately i cannot attach the photo.

  4. Yes, does anyone know what kind of puppy this is? I need to know!

  5. The puppy is a Shi Tzu.

  6. Good stuff! Iā€™m satisfied to see the new format on your weblog urls.

  7. I googled grumpy…and…found here šŸ˜€

  8. Omg that face is killing me lol the funny thing is i named my dog grumpy because he is hateful, but he does not look as pissed as this one. Love it

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