Happy Holidays

Well, I’m off to do some Christmas shopping. This is my absolute, hands-down, favorite time of the year. I love the festivity, the kindness, the general excitement that surrounds me wherever I go. It’s just a beautiful and breath-taking time of year. Yes, there are long lines, rude people, the expense of it all. But there is also a timeless quality to the holidays. It’s a time to remember where you were last year, the year before, ten years before. It’s a time of love and reflection. It’s also a time for hope. The possibility of a new year and all the joy and adventure yet to come. I am looking back fondly on 2012. Yes, there were some large bumps in my road and many tears shed, but I was with the people I love and I appreciated every moment of it. I have tremendous hope for 2013 and feel blessed that I am able to sit here, write these words, put my heart into everything I do and move forward.

Happy Holidays!

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