Horoscope: Day One

I am a Pisces. Two fish swimming in opposite directions. Constantly pulled between choices, difficulty making decisions, but creative and artistic. I don’t religiously follow my horoscope, but lately I have been finding them particularly accurate. Here’s today’s horoscope from the Boston Herald.

You need a break- time to think, reorganize your strategy and regain your confidence. Consider something you enjoy doing or that you want to develop and turn it into a workable service you can offer others.

What do I enjoy doing? Writing. I would love to turn my writing into a workable service that I can offer others because it is also a gift I give to myself. I love turning out a well-devised piece. Creating something poignant, articulate and thought-provoking. Today I am going to work on cultivating this talent and, hopefully, regaining some confidence. I certainly need a break!

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