Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Yes, she has great skin and I would love to know what products she uses to keep her complexion so FLAWLESS. But does she really have to show off so much of it?? Isn’t this a little bit too close to pornography? I feel badly even putting it on my blog…and I may just take it down because it’s making me BLUSH!

The Boston Herald has an article about Jennifer Aniston’s recent appearance in GQ. Here is the link to the full piece, but just to give you an idea of the reporters angle, here is a quote from the article.

What is it with this relentless notion that if a middle-aged celebrity can somehow defy gravity, it’s a crime not to prove it? Who said in order to be OK with yourself, you’ve got to pose with nothing but a spray tan?

You know what I’d like to see? Men acting this way when they’re dumped – like ex-Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie on the cover of Vogue wearing nothing but a cone bra, complaining about how uncool A-Rod is.

The reporter also goes on to compare Aniston to Glen Close’s character in Fatal Attraction…yikes!

But seriously. I think Jennifer displayed her beauty in a much more glamorous way in Vogue. Can’t she stick with this look? I would think men would find this way sexier. What’s with all the nudity Jen? Here’s a side-by side comparison, guess which one is for GQ?

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