Lazy Sunday

I find it humorous and a little ironic that my last post was on how stressed out I was and then I ceased blogging all together. I know why I stopped and it is something that has happened before with this blog. I tried to force it into a specific direction. I tried to give it a theme, a niche, when all I really want this blog to be is a place for me to record my thoughts. I write for other sites that are very specific in their content. With those sites, I don’t deviate from the subject matter that the blogs revolve around. But Daily Moxie is supposed to be my own tiny space, a small section of fast and far reaching world wide web that is just for me and my thoughts. I’m sorry I abandoned my original intent and started to turn this blog into something that it was never meant to be. Daily Moxie is my place to clear my mind, reflect on my life and find inspiration. Daily Moxie is my lazy Sunday.

Today I was up early and outside immediately, enjoying the dry air and warm sunshine that hasn’t been present much this summer. We have been plagued with deep humidity for the past month and the cool air today felt like heaven. I took a long walk with my mom, dropped off a baby gift for my neighbor and stopped by the beach to take in the awe-inspiring site of large waves and smell the salty air that was filled with the Sunday night scent of hot dogs and hamburgers and the grills they sizzled on.  A perfect Sunday!

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