Living Oprah

{Me and Oprah on THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE Book Club}

Oprah is all about healthy living, being spiritually aware and strong. She promotes mental wellness, cultural awareness and a genuine appreciation for cultivating a strong spirit and mind. She is also often characterized as a “guru” and when people start entering that zone of following one person and believing that they hold the key to individual happiness, that can lead to a dangerous mindset. Robyn Okrant, a 35-year old yoga instructor from Chicago decided to spend an entire year of her life “Living Oprah” and document the results on her blog. She also received a book deal from Hachette, has been on the Today Show, CNBC, as well as many other public venues.

Essentially, she takes the advice Oprah gives on her show and magazine and incorporates them into her life word-for-word, even if it means shelling out more than she can afford on items like a Kindle. Robyn is savoring her meals rather than wolfing them down, focusing on her health, and even starting a Twitter account.

“I think I’m an example of how ridiculous it gets when women follow icons or follow celebrities completely, so I know there’s a shade of the absurd in here,” Okrant told Matt Lauer on the Today Show. “I am not an Oprah fanatic. Oprah’s like the popular girl in high school, and she tells us what to do and how to dress and we do it and we’re happy because of it.”

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