Loving Fall

I am a sucker for a New England fall. The dramatic drop in temperature. The vibrant colors that light up the trees. The crackle of fallen leaves. The cold fingers and toes at night as you snuggle deeper under your covers. It makes me feel brilliantly alive. It’s days like this that make me thankful to live where I do. Yes, when the long, hard winter months start hanging heavily over my head, I do wish for the summer skies of California. I long to feel the warm sun radiating on my body and I sense a definite change in the moods of those around me. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and I can tell you it makes an appearance every February/March without fail. But for now, the chill is delightful. It hints at holidays and time with our family. The winter chill means hot apple cider on the stove, a fire in the fireplace and cozy clothing (with elastic waists!). I am going to really try and hold onto this winter cheer for as long as humanly possible. I will try to see the beauty in everything it brings and really try not to complain too much around January, February and March. (But I can’t make any promises).


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