New Real Housewife of NYC


It hasn’t been officially confirmed by Bravo but US Magazine is reporting that the newest cast member to the Real Housewives of NYC is Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare, a chain of spas specializing in hair removal. I’m sure this will lead to some very uncomfortable and way too personal conversations with the women, particularly Ramona Singer who has spent the past few seasons telling us about her sweating problem. Apparently the Real Housewives franchise had to scramble to find a replacement for the beloved Bethenny who just announced that her solo series will be coming back for a second season…no word on what the name will be but they do have to change it from Bethenny Getting Married? to something a little more relevant (considering the question was answered last year when Bethenny DID get married…and had a baby to boot). ¬†How about Bethenny Getting Richer! ? That way they can cover everything from her new book to her workout video to her Skinnygirl mixed drinks. Did that sound snarky? I’m sorry if it did…it’s just that I much preferred Bethenny when she was the voice of reason on the RHONYC…now that she is solo, she just kind of rubs me the wrong way…but maybe I liked her better when she was the underdog. Now that she’s the “Top Dog” things aren’t as fun.

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