NONSOCIETY with Julia, Meghan and Mary

Julia Allison for Non Society

Julia Allison, former editor-at-large for Star Magazine, columnist for Time Out New York and frequent contributor to Fox News and Page Six has started a new venture with her two best friends, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin. The site is called NonSociety and it hopes to inspire all of us to “Live Differently.” I had been a frequent follower of Julia Allison’s blog until she took a much-needed hiatus from the spotlight. She is back and hoping to be better than ever. We will all have to wait and see what kind of exciting venture this is going to be for these media gals. It can be expected that they will be “Gawker-ed” about and scrutinized, but lets hope that the naysayers do not deter these girls from living their lives out loud. They have the energy, enthusiasm and hope that is the definition of “Moxie.” I can’t help but like them!

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