The Day My Son Won the Snowstorm


About a month ago I posted a picture to Facebook of my attempt to prepare my son for the wintry world. He was only a few weeks old and I was so worried about the cold weather that I may have overestimated the number of layers needed to keep his tiny body warm. After looking […]

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Oprah’s Book Club


What I’m reading: THE INVENTION OF WINGS by Sue Monk Kidd Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 – pick #3 I just started reading Sue Monk Kidd’s acclaimed novel, The Invention of Wings because it was selected as the latest pick for Oprah’s phenomenal book club. As I’ve discussed before, I am extremely passionate about reading and anyone […]

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A New Year


And my life has been forever changed. Stay tuned for a new direction for this blog. There will be many ways in which it will stay the same. I will still talk about things I love, inspirational thoughts and quotes, motivational ideas, and plenty of gratitude. But now it will also include lots of things […]

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This is my letter to the world…


“This is my letter to the world.” ~Emily Dickinson I have recently started reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach and am overwhelmed by the amount of insight and inspiration this woman provides in her book. I can see why it was such a breakthrough hit when it came out, endorsed by Oprah herself, and continues to […]

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Brahms Mount Cotton Throw


I just love these Cotton Herringbone Throws from Brahms Mount. They are a beautifully classic staple for your home…and so cozy! According to their website, Brahms Mount weaves textiles with a signature American look and soft, luxurious hand. Classically beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and grounded in the authentic character and centuries-old textile tradition of Maine, their products have […]

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Getting Ready for the Holidays!


Sometimes you just really need cheerful things around you during the holidays. They brighten your mood and inspire you to stay hopeful, festive, and optimistic. Every year when you bring out those boxes of decorations it becomes a journey down memory lane. We have decorations that belonged to our parents, those that were given to […]

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Desk Drawer Clean-Up


This weekend was a bit on the rainy side and so I decided to tackle a few small projects around the house. One of them that was high on my list was the organization of my desk drawers. Now I know they don’t look terribly messy, just sort of like a catch all. The major […]

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Day One and Already in Love

  Last night I used these wipes to take off my makeup and I LOVED them! I loved the smell because it was very fresh and very clean without smelling like a makeup remover or too perfume-like. The scent was absolutely perfect. The texture was soft with a few raised nubs to give you that […]

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A Trip to Target


Today was a TARGET day! I have had a growing list of things to buy because I a) needed them, b) desperately wanted to try them, or c) stumbled upon them at the store and therefore bought them. Up & Up (Target Brand) Makeup Removing Towelettes. I’ve heard great things about these cleansing cloths from […]

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Duck Tape Flowers


Duct Tape Flowers are a relatively new craft that seem to be growing in popularity. I was first introduced to them by my 10-year-old niece, Piper. I asked Piper if she would demonstrate the art of the Duct Tape Flower for Daily Moxie. This post is entirely produced by Piper. I think I might have […]

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The Daily Moxie Box reviews Birchbox


Welcome to our new on-going feature: The Daily Moxie Box. Monthly subscription boxes seem to be all the rage right now. So we’ve decided to take some of the guess work out of your purchasing decision and help you decide which boxes are worth the monthly fee. We will review some of the top boxes […]

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Lush for Summer

Okay, so I haven’t made it over to the LUSH store yet and now I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner because how cute is this Beach Box? I only discovered it after visiting the Lush website. God knows I love a gift basket because of all the goodies you get to discover. This […]

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Daily Summer Skincare Routine


During the hot summer days, I like to switch up my skincare routine and make things a little more oily/breakout focused. Summer is hot and sticky and I think your cleansing routine should help you battle these elements. Lately I am loving three products from Dermalogica. The special cleansing gel, multi-active toner and active moist […]

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Yesterday I wrote about my desire to test out LUSH products, most specifically the Buffy Body Butter. Well, today I am kind of crushing on the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. The website says that it is “inspired by the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary and that it smoothes features, tightens pores and […]

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I have never tried any LUSH products. Every time I walk by the store at my local mall, I am enamored by the scents swirling from within its walls but I have never made a purchase. I’ve read about these products on many websites and the devoted following should be enough to convince me but […]

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Loving Anthropologie


Sometimes it’s just as much fun to window shop online as it is in the mall. I love Anthropologie for their home decor and accessories. They also have a great selection of stationery and gift books. Whenever I go into an Anthropologie store, I have to leave with some little trinket from my visit. I […]

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The Balance of Nature


Somehow I managed to finagle a spot in the shade to do my work. I temporarily moved my office to a wrought iron table on a gorgeous patio in the shade of an elm tree. The summer sun and beautiful breeze was just begging for me to immerse myself in nature and get out of […]

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I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it. – Harry Emerson Fosdick   I found this quote the other day on Lindsey Mead’s website, A DESIGN SO VAST. I visit her site frequently to read her […]

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New iPhone Case

iphone case


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Weekend Plans


“There is magic in the world. There is beauty and symmetry and a mystery so profound that it can not be understood or reasoned with – only experienced.” ~ Beautiful words from the beautiful writer Dani Shapiro. Words to live by and hopefully to carry you into this gorgeous weekend. Speaking of weekend. I have some […]

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