Pear-y Cute Bento Boxes

modclothpearLunch just got a whole lot cuter! I just received these unbelievably adorable bento boxes from Mod Cloth! Bento boxes are containers that are perfect for keeping your sandwiches, fruit, bread and snacks safe from the crushing factors of bags, briefcases, purses and the general jostling of travel.

What I love about these boxes are that they elevate a simple lunch and will certainly bring smiles to the faces of everyone around. Who says a packed lunch can’t be stylish and charming?

The boxes are so cute and retro that they don’t even have to be used for food. You can use them to store practical, every day items like stamps, paper clips, notes or receipts.

I just discovered Mod Cloth the other day and have found myself completely captivated by all of the fantastic and retro items they have for sale.


  1. Wow so cute! I know another cute and stylish eco-friendly packed lunch. You might like the design and style of it. This packed lunch I’m referring to is a stainless steel container at Happy Tiffin site. It’s good also for camping, travel, school use for teens, and office use during lunch break.

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