Pregnancy is the New Black

Angelina is pregnant with twins, Jessica Alba is glowing down every red carpet, Ashlee Simpson has finally come out of the closet with her pregnancy and Kelly Ripa is considering adding another baby to her bunch. The sleek and stylish are now adding new bumps to their fashion statements. More and more fashion-obsessed young women are finding that pregnancy can mean changing their wardrobe without losing their style. has just acquired and, two sites targeted to young mothers preoccupied with style and pop culture.

Editor Kim Gundy of CelebrityPregnancy said celebs in gestation draw “an entirely new fan base of expectants and mothers.”

“Women are obsessed with wanting to know everything about celebrity pregnancy,” she spouted. “Pregnancy is the new black!” The network purportedly draws 12 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month.

Considering that less than two decades ago, pregnancy on television (and especially unwed pregnancy) was virtually a taboo, now it’s become the hot statement to make. Is this safe or are we promoting pregnancy as the new fashion accessory? Are we sending younger and younger girls into motherhood far too soon? Or is this a healthy way to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood?

Demi Moore posed pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair before it was the “cool” thing to do. Now it seems famous people are celebrating their pregnancy with great fan fair, regardless of age, marital status or maturity. Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful and amazing event, it should be celebrated. But is their a downside to its growing popularity?


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