The days are long but the years are short. We hear this often but we don’t really listen. It is important to really LISTEN. To NOTICE. To pay attention to all that is going on around us. The desire to find the easy way out, the shortest path, the quickest way to do things, feel things, process things is always the one we are most drawn to and seek out most frequently. But sometimes we have to get through something slowly, diligently, with patience and resolve. The obstacles life throws us will be rough, difficult, verging on impossible. They challenge us. They push us. They scare us. But the only way to get over something is to go through it. To feel every inch of it, no matter how painful or difficult. Life is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs. None of it can be expected, prepared for or predicted. We can only strap ourselves in, take a deep breath and move forward. We have to believe in ourselves, believe in the path and have hope, faith and grace. There is no easy way out, no magic pill, no instruction manual. Life is difficult. But it is also beautiful and miraculous and filled with blessings. Enjoy your days and find the blessings in every moment. Years from now you will thank yourself for having faith and you will feel proud of yourself for surviving. Even thriving.

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