Rozlyn Papa


I am watching the 20/20 special on The Bachelor and am feeling completely justified in my obsession with this show. Even celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Kelly Ripa love The Bachelor. And how could they not? It’s a real life soap opera!

The show has even spawned some highly successful blogs detailing the ins and outs of this addictive reality show. Here’s oneĀ Bachelor Blog that was featured on the 20/20 report.

The expose was great because it not only gives us an update in the “Where are they now” style, but it also takes us on an inside tour into the house where the series is filmed and provides some backstage secrets (like they have to do their own makeup!) and information on scandals.

And it turns out that Rozlyn Papa’s explosive presence on the reunion show may have been a little on the calculated side. Apparently she has beenĀ auditioning for a spot on E!

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