Run Away to Reconnect


“You are not your to do list. You are not your have-nots or must-dos. You are not your job. Although your first waking thoughts likely focus on the needs of others and all the things you want to accomplish, you are, most important, yourself. Take time every day to remember that – even if it means running away from everyone and everything you love so you come back refreshed and recharged. The world can wait. You shouldn’t have to.” -Self Magazine, November 2012

Do you ever notice that the more you do for people, the more you resent them or the time you lost? Even if these are the people you love most in the world and you are doing things that you really want to do, you can sometimes still feel deflated afterwards. There has been a lot of talk about the power of meditation and yoga and relaxation. The reason these activities are growing in popularity is not because we are becoming a more spiritual population but because we are realizing the importance of giving ourselves something so precious and fleeting, time. We are often so busy running around doing for others, even at the expense of our own inner peace. What we don’t realize is that by constantly giving of ourselves to others, we are taking away our own personal comfort. Always being there for others is a sign of great character and kindness. It is a powerful gift and one that should never be taken for granted. However, the word selfish gets a bad reputation. Sometimes being selfish is the greatest gift you can give to yourself…and to others. Taking time for yourself, saying “no” to a request, stepping away from everyone to give yourself a moment to regroup and relax is sometimes the best thing you can do for others. By resting and doing what YOU want, you will be recharged and ready to help others tackle their problems, support them when they need you or celebrate their achievements. ¬†Putting yourself first can give you that boost of confidence and clear thinking that will help you take the next steps in your generous life.

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