Running, Eating, Shopping…

Workout: Ran 4.5 miles/45 minutes. After a long weekend with too many snacks, the treadmill kicked my butt. I should blame the Cheesecake Factory turkey club but it was just TOO GOOD and I refuse to say anything negative about my beloved club.

cheesecake-factoryturkey club

Right now, as I compile my Christmas list, I’m thinking I might need to add some workout gear/clothes to my list for Santa.

It seems even celebrities have to stop and shop for active gear.

Jessica Szohr

I’m feeling like I need some tank tops and capri running pants. I need to schedule a trip to Marshalls and TJMaxx to see if I can find some Nike stuff at a reasonable price. ┬áIf anyone can recommend some good online spots for affordable, name-brand active wear, let me know!

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