Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda…


Four days in a row, people! This is HUGE!

Today I have some helpful news from a recent study. I was flipping through SELF Magazine and found an article in the Personal Best section. I really find that SELF Magazine provides some of the best life skills and advice for improving your happiness.

Sometimes making the smallest change in the way you turn a phrase or approach a situation can having lasting benefits.

Replace the word “should” with “could” and see if it helps increase your optimism and overall outlook on life decisions. We tend to tell ourselves that we should do something or we ask advice from others, asking what should we do? A study from Harvard Business School suggests that swapping should for could can help you make a better decision. “Saying should may limit you to thinking of one possible solution and force you to make a trade off, ” says reseacher Joshua Margolis, Ph.D. “Asking, ‘What could I do?’ can unlock your creative capabilities and help you come up with a wider range of possibilities.”

Who knew that changing one tiny word can leave such a lasting impact and change the way you face the questions in your life.

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