Coincidentally, on a day when I was feeling particularly stressed, I opened my email box and found a message buried within the many random emails I get from mailing lists I don’t remember signing up for but often look forward to reading.

You must let the stress go – it is the only way you can bring what you want. The emotion of stress is saying strongly that you do NOT have what you want. Stress or tension is the absence of faith, and so to remove it all you have to do is increase your faith!

Sometimes it is easy to fall into a “woe is me” approach to life, allowing the stress and unhappiness to weigh you down. We forget the importance of counting our blessings and how doing that can actually relieve us of our stress.

I need to learn how to manage my stress because I am finding that it is taking over my life in negative, unproductive ways.

In happy, productive and inspiring news, I cleaned my desk and worked really hard today on prioritizing my tasks. I made a to-do list that was no more than 6 things. (Typically, my to-do lists will number in the 20’s) But today I wanted to be as effective and productive as possible and in order to do that you need to be efficient in deciding what needs to be done and what can be put at the end of the list. In other words, you put the items at the end of the list if they are the ones that are less pressing and don’t need to be finished immediately. And do you want to know what happened? I got everything done AND had time to spare. I stayed conscious of all of my actions throughout the day and would periodically ask myself if what I was doing was contributing to the greater cause (i.e., was it helping me lessen my work load). If it wasn’t, then I stopped doing it immediately. My stress level decreased and my accomplishments for the day were at an all time high. And I stayed on top of the clutter on my desk and threw things away!

{photo above is not my closet…but it is what I plan to someday provide for my future daughters. Clean, organized…and PINK!}

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