Gossip Girl


I admit that I fell behind last season with the wonderland that is Gossip Girls and I have heard murmurings about a Dan Humphrey/Michelle Trachtenberg baby!? How did I miss that?! So you can imagine how upset I was when I learned that not only did I miss the finale last season but the PREMIERE came and went without so much as even a slight twinge that something was missing from my DVR list. Luckily CW.com has full episodes on line, so all was not lost.

First of all, the hardest part about watching a show online is that it almost seems as if there are more commercials than on traditional television…or maybe it’s just because I have become so accustomed to watching my shows on DVR. Yes it is convenient to find shows you missed online, but it is still a nuisance to see the same commercial for Under Armor or Nike or just the CW’s “TV to talk about” ad on repeat. But that is beside the point.  Let’s get right to GG.

How much do I love Paris!? CW.com doesn’t need to have advertisements for running apparel, they just need to get funding from Paris because this show made me want to book my ticket asap! It was like one long (and luxurious!) commercial for all things Paris. The shops, the Eiffel Tower, the cobblestone streets! Oh mon dieu! I was hooked from the first scene, which is probably why I missed most of the plot surrounding Blair and her prince. However, I did not miss Serena’s short shorts? Is that really first date attire? In Paris? And with royalty, no less? Oh poor Blair, you will always remain in the shadow of your blonde (slutty) friend, no matter how adorable you are. But the push in the fountain was sweet, sweet revenge!

I do like the new addition of Katie Cassidy as “Juliet”…she’s the perfect love match for Chace Crawford. Their babies would be beautiful! And the cherry on top was her reading House of Mirth when she made her first GG appearance.

Continuing with my CW themed post….I did NOT miss Miss Tyra Banks and her newest “smize-ing” batch of wannabe models.

America's Next Top Model

This week the girls were asked to reveal what qualities made them feel unpopular in school (manly, queer, weird) and write these destructive words on their bodies along with an empowering word to go along with it. Disney star Demi Lovato came to speak to the girls about the issue of bullying and how it’s something she, too, has had to deal with in her life. Apparently, this year Tyra has upped the ante and the girls are now competing for a spread in Italian Vogue. There are a few early standouts, one being the extremely awkward, gangly and amazingly tall Ann, the Gisele Bundchen-like Esther and the square jawed Jane. I’m not super excited for this season, but I am always slightly ambivalent to a new cast of characters. It usually takes until the makeover episode (which is scheduled for this Wednesday) for me to become fully immersed in the lives of Tyra’s girlz.

{Image via The CW}

America’s Next Top Model: Bigger and Better

I never thought I would see the day that a plus size model would win the title, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. Now in its tenth season, the reality hit started by Tyra Banks has taken an impressive (and inspiring) stance by selecting a “real” woman to win the show. I’m not going to deny it, I was applauding this decision as I watched the final moments of the finale.

I hope that this helps girls growing up in our look-obsessed, thin-obsessed society. This is what a model should look like. I don’t know if it going to change anything and I can almost guarantee this is going to be but a little blip on the fashion scene, but at least it shows we are heading in the right direction.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the winner, Whitney Thompson, stays true to her real beauty and doesn’t defeat the win by becoming yet another stick figure.