Bobbi Brown and Emerson College

Yesterday, I appeared on a local television program. The production level of the program was pretty high, so I was treated to a makeup artist before appearing on camera. I’m sure nearly every woman at some point in her life has sat in a department store makeup chair and had different products expertly applied. But during those situations, you are usually being sold products. Last night, not a product was mentioned as this expert went to work on my face. Television makeup is a lot different than everyday, going out makeup. However, I think that every woman should learn how to really apply makeup in order to understand where different contours of our faces can be enhanced, how to minimize the appearance of freckles and how to apply enough mascara and liner so that it actually makes your eyes appear twice as large. This was the treat I had yesterday and I couldn’t stop asking the makeup artist questions. Trust me, if she was selling something, anything, I would have bought it.

That’s why I couldn’t believe that today I heard about Bobbi Brown teaching makeup artist classes at Emerson College! I happen to have graduated from Emerson College with a journalism degree (yes, tooting my own horn) and remember hearing that Bobbi attended Emerson and studied theater makeup. I am so impressed with what she has done with her degree and the fact that she is now bringing it back to where it all started is really inspiring. In response to announcing her new program, Bobbi Brown said,

“When I found Emerson, I found myself. It’s so great now to come back full-circle and help aspiring makeup artists grow and learn.”- Bobbi Brown

For additional information, check out Emerson College’s website.

Bobbi Brown Starts the New Year the Bright Way!

Remember the thrill of getting a brand new box of Crayola crayons? You couldn’t wait to dive right in and use every color in the box. The potential was limitless and the mix of bright, vibrant colors was intoxicating. That is exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on Bobbi Brown’s new collection. It’s called Bobbi Brights Collection and I can already see it being a necessary staple in any woman’s makeup collection. Where else can you find all of these gorgeous, bold colors together in one set?

“The idea behind Bobbi Brights is simple. It’s a library of beautiful bolts of color that a woman can pick up anytime she wants to add a little fun to her look.” – Bobbi Brown

This collector’s edition palette features 35 bright shadows designed to be worn one at a time, when the mood strikes. Palette features a unique fold-out design and full size mirror. The creamy lip colors are so delicious and seriously work with every skin tone. I tried the the retro pink and it was just the perfect hint of pink in a creamy, nourishing lip stick. You honestly don’t even feel like you are wearing lipstick!

Jennifer Aniston’s Makeup Secrets

Thanks to the Beauty Counter for the details on Jennifer Aniston’s all-natural, girl next door look!

Love her or hate her, you must admit there’s something compelling about Jennifer Aniston—no, we’re not talking about her personal life here (nor her GQ cover, for that matter). She’s pretty much got the rom-com thing nailed and has been enjoyable in other, less predictable on-screen formats as well (two words: Office Space). We attribute her success to her girl-next-door, all-American, plain-and-simple-but-still-sexy appeal. According to makeup artist Angela Levin, who readied Ms. Aniston for the Marley & Me premiere last night in L.A., the actress’ all-natural look is 100 percent intentional: “She just wants to look and feel great and happy.” Us too—she is so relatable! See below for Levin’s tips on how to put it all together:
The Face

To prep Aniston’s face, Levin used By Terry Lift and Stretch antioxidant serum around her eyes to smooth skin before applying just a touch of Lorac Natural Performance Foundation in NP6. To add a bit of sun-kissed contour, Levin used Rimmel’s Sun Shimmer in medium matte and brushed Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder from Aniston’s temples along her cheekbones. For a rosy glow on the apples of Aniston’s cheeks, Levin mixed a Chanel Crème Lipstick in Coco Red with a hydrating lip treatment and a dab of Sephora Blush Me! in Rose Rebelle 1.
The Eyes

For some (very) understated drama, Levin blended Chanel Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Silvery toward the outer corners of Aniston’s eyes, using the same product in Slate on the lids. She topped this off with Nars Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Violetta on the center of the lids and under the lower lashes as a light smoky liner.
The Lips

With access to a whole host of professional and as-yet-unreleased goodies, Levin dipped into her arsenal and treated Aniston’s lips to Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2009 Glossimer in Mica.

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown counters all over the country are offering free holiday makeup lessons.

Print this out and bring it with you, or just show up at any Bobbi Brown counter and they’ll add a little sparkle to your holiday look.