Diana Kruger Likes Drugstore Brands


In an interview with Bella Sugar, actress Diana Kruger gave readers a tiny glimpse into her makeup and skincare routine. Because I am obsessed with finding out what products the A-Listers use, I thought I would share what I learned. [Side Note: I once stopped Julianne Moore in an airport to ask her what cleanser/moisturizer she used because her skin is FLAWLESS. Yes, she was completely caught off guard but so sweet and genuine and really got into answering my question. FYI: She’s an Olay girl all the way.] Now back to Diana…

cgsmoothersCover Girl CG Smoothers Concealer: “You’re going to laugh, but it’s Cover Girl. It’s really good, honestly! A lot of makeup artists use it because the consistency. I like it because it’s not too dry.”


L’Oreal Triple Active Day Cream: “There is a cream by L’Oreal I really love called Triple Active Day, which is really light.”

cetaphilAnd finally, because every beautiful woman in the world uses it, might as well add Diana to the list, as well. Cetaphil.  (Side Note: Cetaphil was part of my CVS haul the other night and because of a great sale at CVS that is running from November 21-November 27 I was able to get the Cetaphil Daily Cleanser and the moisturizing cream for half off!)

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

The Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is an amazing product and I can’t believe I am only just discovering it now. I put a small bit on my hands last night and it got rid of any trace of dry skin!