What’s Old is New

My parents have always been antique collectors, so I grew up knowing a lot about what is collectible and how to treat them, but I also had a bit of a fear of antiques. First of all, I feared breaking them. Then I disliked how different they were from the brand, sparkly new things I could buy at Macy’s or Pottery Barn. Antiques were dusty, smelly, used and abused. I found absolutely zero interest in antique stores and collecting in general. But as I have gotten older and seen my own possessions turn into antiques (I’m only 29, but still, times they are a changin’), I am beginning to have a stronger appreciation for the history of antiques. However, what I am learning through many design and collectors blogs, especially Eddie Ross, is that what’s old can be made new again. Here is a quote from Eddie’s site:

As a collector, one thing I’ve learned over the years is to be fearless. Just because something’??s antique doesn’??t mean it’s precious. Don’t be afraid to alter a piece to make it your own. Strip it. Sand it. Recover it in fabric you adore. Like I said, all wood is not created equal. If a chair’s lines are good but you’re not in love with the finish, paint it another color and you’??ll probably be much happier with the result. I know I am.

I love this message and I love the example he used. This secretary was bought at a flea market and refurbished to completely fit in with his decorating style.

Counting Down to a Great Tablescape

Thanksgiving is one of the best times to really put your decorating skills to task. The table design can’t be too cluttered because it has to accompany the enormous spread of traditional dishes, but it has to be pleasing to the eye and let your guests know that it is not your typical dinner setting.

I have just fallen in love with a fellow blogger and designer. His name is Eddie Ross and he is a senior style editor for the holy grail, Martha Stewart Living. He is a Top Design contestant, a designer, and a blogger. His blog is so addictive that I have lost hours scrolling through his gorgeous images of flea market finds paired with Target buys. This man is amazing!

Here is one of his ideas for a simple table setting.

This is a very rustic setting and gives a nod to the historical beginnings of our Thanksgiving traditions. What’s so wonderful about this particular setting is that Eddie has paired antique utensils, this is a monogrammed Cristophle spoon with…TARGET napkins!

This was actually a table setting for a simple, Fall dinner for Eddie and family. But I think it can certainly make for a perfect Rustic Thanksgiving setting.