The Dark Winter Nights


Nails are one of the most overlooked accessories. A particular nail color can change your whole style and can really give you a polished (no pun intended) look. I have recently discovered the beauty of really dark nails. They add a sophisticated glamour to any style and make your jewelry pop and sparkle like never before! The colors I am currently LOVING right now are Essie’s Little Brown Dress, Revlon’s Plum Night and Essie’s Merino Cool.

brown-rouge nails

Little Brown Dress by Essie


I bought this yesterday on a whim. I was out buying materials for my Halloween costume.  I was a Top Gun fighter pilot but very few people were able to figure it out. Probably because I didn’t leave my sunglasses on but the apartment where the party was held was very dark and the sunglasses just didn’t last.

Anyway, I wanted a nail color that fit with the overall brown, green, beige palette and I found Little Brown Dress from Essie. It was perfect! Two coats and you are good to go…it also has enough of a natural shine to it that you don’t even need a clear gloss top coat. Technically, I didn’t do the clear gloss coat because I was running out the door (why are the nails always the last thing to get done?) and just didn’t have time. The overall look is very sophisticated and glamorous and I am definitely a fan of the quality of the Essie polishes. Typically I stick with the pale pink palette for my nails but this was a very nice change of pace, without going completely dark or black. Highly recommended!