Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty


Last night was the premiere of Jessica Simpson’s THE PRICE OF BEAUTY. The show will air weekly on Mondays on VH1 and costars her hairstylist, Ken Paves, and her best friend, CaCee Cobb. The show is supposed to document the impossible standards of beauty that all countries seem to subscribe. The first episode focused on Thailand but the first fifteen minutes of the show revolved around Jessica’s own paparazzi-stalked life and the critical lens that catapulted her to the covers of every gossip magazine in town. Mom jeans, need I say more?

The show is not a strict documentary. It also isn’t the Newlyweds. It’s an amalgam of the two. Jessica is her typical ditsy self, embarrassing herself by getting the giggles during her meditation with a Buddhist monk. She and CaCee also react a little over the top when forcing themselves to eat some sort of fried bug. The show can make you feel a little bit like you are watching two pampered sorority girls make fun of different cultures, but at the same time it will open your eyes to the traditions and cultures that are foreign to us. Anything that will help women become more accepting of their self-prescribed “flaws” and embrace their own authenticity is something I can’t help but route for. And for the same reason I liked watching The Newlyweds, I will tune in to see if Jessica asks if Chicken-of-the-Sea is chicken or fish. Some things never change.