Bedtime Routine

My routine at night is pretty standard, but I realized how much it is influenced by pattern and color. I brush my teeth and rinse with my favorite, hand-painted mug that I bought in a tiny store in Rockport, MA. I don’t drink coffee, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love coffee mugs. I am also just about to begin a renovation project on my bathroom. It will be the first renovation project that I tackle on my own, so wish me luck. I’ve always liked the tiles on my bathroom floor, but change is good, so now I’m in search of a new bathroom “look”.

My bed is my safe-haven. I have always gone with a country-style when it comes to quilts and pillows. I’m a big fan of quilts. I can’t fall asleep without reading. Right now I’m deeply immersed in SALEM FALLS by Jodi Picoult. It is the perfect book for these long winter days.