Ironically, the quote I am about to post could have been used for yesterday’s post, as well.

Attention is the most basic form of love.”- John Tarrant Roshi

I am reading a book on organization and it is giving me some great insight into the time vacuums that suck up our most valuable assets: the hours and minutes that make up a day. These distractions fight for our attention on a moment-by-moment basis. Email is one of the top culprits. Organization guru Julie Morgenstern has even written a book titled, NEVER CHECK EMAIL IN THE MORNING. I am a compulsive email checker. Admittedly, I have even been tempted to switch over to my email twice while composing this blog post. Being organized and effective with our time allows us to have the time to enjoy and pay attention to what is important to us. Every organizational expert says things along the same line, clean up the clutter, designate, minimize and be decisive. Never multi-task. As someone who does a million things at once and is always “connected” in some way to the electronic world and the instantaneous messages that bombard us all, this is going to be my own personal resolution. I am going to get ORGANIZED! I will do whatever it takes and see how it affects my life.  I hope you, dear readers, will join me on this journey.

Tomorrow’s Task: Clean off my desk. Pictures to come. (Be fair warned!)